Aunty River steals Winnie the Pooh

Today was fun at home with Taelor.

I’d made him one of his favorites for lunch – Ham and Cheese sandwiches with chips but with a side of Grape juice not Apple juice, since we’re almost out of apples to juice.

He loved it and as we ate, he asked me about my health, my teaching job and even the orphanage kids. So we chatted and chatted…one of my favorite things to do!

Anyway, soon after that, I showed him the invitations of the Easter Egg Hunt this coming Saturday, and he was so excited to invite his friends. Off to the computer we went and I hovered by him as he got online and passed on the invitations.

By the time he was done, it was nearly bed time. He has “a lotta friends”, as he put it. *giggles*

I had promised him that we’d get to finish the story about Winnie the Pooh, but just as we were about to go get ready for bed, his Aunty River turned up at the door.

Now THAT was a great surprise. He loves his Aunty River a lot and so do I. She’s always such a breathe of fresh air, even when she spoils him and sneaks him sweets behind my back (-.-) I still love her. So, she hung about but only for a short while as she knew it was near Taelor’s bed time.

I sent Taelor off to get ready for bed nonetheless. He was back from the in his night gown (and cute little matching socks) in time to give her a warm hug good night, and then I whisked him off to bed for first prayers and then a tuck in.

We would have another night to tell the story. Taelor agreed that seeing his Aunty was worth missing his bed time story.

That boy sure does have his priorities in order! ❤


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