Isaac wins 3 badges

Today was another day at the orphanage. I got up and headed over with my son (in spirit) to go care for the kids.

They had hamburgers for lunch and escorted me to the pet shop to get some vitamins for Udo Miri, Rose and Spring – Taelor’s pet budgies.

After that, they got dressed up and ready for the scouts event. Isaac wore his uniform, and Shawn got a brand new set of clothes (a polo shirt and blue jeans to match mine). They both looked really smart.

When we arrived, his friend, Mr Korageth, turned up too and hung with us. We were kinda early, so took some time to see the area. Isaac showed us his board and we got to keep the hat he made for his presentation on “PRIDE”.

After that, we took pictures by Peter Pan. Isaac had worked very hard to make the animations for it. It was really cool.

We made our way to grab cupcakes then found seats. I had Shawn sit with me in hopes that it’d make him more comfortable. That was when Dieter (another child who lives at our orphanage) turned up to show his support also, and soon after that the show began.

Isaac was a part of two skits. One showcasing the challenges of team work…

…and another was a very cool rendition of the Wizard of Oz, where Isaac played “Toto”.

He was really good! (I really wish Taelor had gotten to see it really. He loves this sorta thing. 😦 Missed him s’much!).

Once that was done, the main event – The Award. Isaac was being given THREE badges for Friendship, Journey into Scouts and Pride! He marched up there and collected them from his Akela. It was all that I could do to stay seated – we clapped so loudly.

After the award ceremony, the Akela asked all the scouts round, and they did their closing ritual by passing the crow. As they did, each of them CAWWWWEDD and CROWWWED loudly. It was nice to see, and it certainly got Mr Korageth excited as he began flapping his wings and let out a shriek himself. *laughs*

After that we all shared lots of hugs then Isaac showed us inside the club house ! It was really cool. So many posters on all the badges that could be collected.

When that was done, we went back home and I took a few minutes to calm Shawn down a bit. He gets really bad anxiety in crowds, and had spent the whole day being extremely brave and strong to support his brother, that it wasn’t till we got home that his head and ears started ringing.

He calmed down in no time, then we played -Tag- and had Ice Cream by the beach.

I sat with Mr Korageth, while the boys sat closer to the water on the sand.

It was a lovely end to the day. I tucked them in after prayers and a really short story.

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