Poppy and Sami bring gifts

So last night, Poppy and Sami contacted me and asked if they could come over to give the kids at the orphanage some presents, and of course I said yes. It was so nice of them. As they left, they left a present for Taelor also. It was in this huge and really fun looking box that was taller than his bed.

When Taelor woke up, he saw his gift and was elated.

Poppy and Sami came over soon after bearing one more gift – a ride-able kitty!

They had some for themselves too and so did I.

So we all did a race together around the house, twice.

Poppy cheated! <laughs> So the results were inconclusive based on that…mmhhmm!

Soon it was time for them to go home. After all the hugging and goodbyes, we went into the house to finally give Taelor’s budgies their vitamins.

They began to look much better almost right away. We watched them for a little bit and then went over to the orphanage to see who was up and say hello.

Dieter was wide awake, so I left him and Taelor to play while I went to make dinner. Soon after that Isaac woke and scurried in for some grub too.

It was just in time to say g’night to Taelor as it was bed time. Without realizing it, nighttime had arrived.

We went home and as Taelor got ready for bed, I played with his telescope and looked at the stars. I caught a wishing star too.

After prayers, I picked him up and clung to him, rocking sideways slowly until he was fast asleep.

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