Quality Sailing

Today was such a lovely, warm day for me. I got to spend some time with Taelor and do almost nothing but BE together. ❤

It began in the morning when he woke up and got dressed up. I got my necessary huggies too!

We quickly rushed over to the orphanage. It was a school day for Isaac, so was going to drop him off for Art class with Taelor.

He was already prepared and dressed up for school, but unfortunately, the class got cancelled.

It worked out as he had a boys scout meeting he would have missed due to that class if it held. He got to make it to scouts.

Soon as we dropped him off, we headed back home for a light lunch of Grilled Cheese and yummy tomato soup. I’d added some extras into it to make it pop a bit. Some corn and a few teas spoons of Worcestershire sauce. Taelor seemed to like it, so yaay!

Taelor is a shy little boy, but beyond shy he’s so careful with the boundaries of others that he’d hold back just in case. So as we ate, he asked me cute little questions about hugs and whether everyone liked them, etc. He was trying to find out if Isaac was a hugger like he was. *giggles* So cute, right? Fortunately, Isaac is a hugger. Hopefully that made him feel freer offering hugs, knowing they’d be welcomed.

Nothing better than loving and affectionate children!

After dinner, I took him sailing in our swan boat, but not without a crown. I placed it on his head, and we set off for a very nice and warm right until the sun set and night time came.

Bed time came quickly and I took him back to the house where he got changed up and ready for bed.

We said bed time prayers and after placing his crown on it’s pillow, I tucked him in all warm and snuggly for the night.

I watched him sleep peacefully for about an hour before I began to nod off myself.

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