Taking Isaac to the Ophthalmologist

When Isaac came into my care, I learned that he has been wearing glasses since he was very little.

He was involved in a chemical accident that rendered his hair to turn color permanently and his eyes change to the lovely shade of pink that it is today. Unfortunately, the accident left him with a strong dependence on glasses.

You can imagine just how distressing it was then when his glasses turned up broken after a night of forgetting to take them off after returning to bed following a midnight bathroom run.

I glued it back together so it could last till we saw our Orphanage doctor. They held up for maybe a day and soon after the lenses fell out.

He seemed fine wearing them lens-less, though the poor little dear couldn’t see at all well.

After waiting endlessly for an appointment with our doctor, I decided to seek out an Ophthalmologist elsewhere and was lucky enough to find a VERY good one.


So there we were. Isaac got asked many questions while Shawn, his brother, did his best to sit in one place, but failed numerous times from going to touch the skeleton to somehow making his way unto the table. He was fascinated by everything, no doubt encouraged by boredom as his brother got lights shun into his eyes and was given a proper eye exam by the very best in the field.

Isaac left there with some very snazzy new glasses. Guess the color of the frame? Yup, his favorite color – Blue!

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