Poppy’s Birthday Surprise!

About a week ago, we received a secret invitation from Sami for her sister, Poppy’s 3 year old birthday. In all that time, we kept it secret and soon the day was upon us.

Today was the day!

Taelor and I had gotten dressed up for it already. I had also gotten the beach bag packed with his swim wear just in case. We then sat down together and wrote our greetings into a Birthday Card for her. I wrote in color purple and Taelor wrote in color yellow. It was a cute little card and it gave us such joy to inscribe in it specially just for Poppy.

Soon as we were doing, we headed off to the orphanage to see if Shawn would like to come along. He was climbing a tree, but slid down to chat about the party. Shawn is awfully shy, but fortunately he’d met Poppy and Sami already so he was a bit more willing to go.  I packed his swim trunks too, and then we headed off in time to be part of the screams of SURPRISE!

Oh what a lovely surprise it was too. Poppy was sooooo shocked! It’s always nice when a surprise goes according to plan, and this one happened without a snag. She came dressed perfectly ready for the party too. It was an underwater party, and thanks to the magic of the water, there would be no need for a mask and oxygen tank. 🙂

Once we had all gotten out hugs and greetings done, Poppy’s Aunty Kat escorted us to her very lovely home to get changed into our swim suits and flippers for scuba diving into the depths of the sea.

It didn’t take too long to change and soon we were on our way heading back to the shores of the beach. [[Sadly, Shawn had to go to RL so couldn’t rejoin the party)]]

Taelor and I took a few moments before we ran on into the water. Soon it got deeper and deeper and suddenly we were fully submerged yet we didn’t stop breathing once. We kicked and the flippers began to do their job propelling us further into the water where a host of all of Poppy’s friends and family were gathered.

Taelor went straight away to give Poppy her birthday card. She didn’t open it there, so fingers crossed that she likes it.

The party had begun already. The music was great and even Ariel and her dad came to the party. The sharks seemed friendly also, but I think it must have been the water magic that kept them from seeing us.

It was lovely, with so many yummy treats and the most delicious birthday cake! I got a yellow slice and Taelor got a purple slice. We swapped, but the cakes did taste the exact same. Still it was nice eating a cake iced in both our favorite colors.

We stayed all the way to the end of the party! Dancing and talking! It was a blast!!!

Taelor had needed to go to the toilet, so we went together back to the house.

When he was done, we returned by boat. It was really cool arriving back to the party, floating on the surface above them. In no time, we JUMPED into the water and sunk back down on to the party.

It was nearly bed time and Taelor had already yawned a few times. He went to rest for a little while on the comfy chair that Poppy had provided.

Soon we headed home after all the hugs and kisses.

I marched Taelor straight to the bathroom and I tagged along behind him, fully focusing on the need to wash all that sea water off him and out of his hair.

When that was done, he brushed his teeth and I went to put something over my swim suit. I was getting a little chilly.

After changing, I went back to his room, digging in my pockets and found some change in there. Two whole dollars of change, plus a few coins. I asked if Taelor might want it and of course he did! Least he got to feed his hungry piggy bank today.


We knelt down and said our bed time prayers.

Just as we were done and I was going to tuck him in, someone pressed the bell. So I quickly got up to go answer the door and it was his Aunty River! She’d come by to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodnight’ to him.

After that, he said good night to her and we went back to his room where he plugged in the night light Isaac had given him. It’s a lovely flower shaped night light.

I tucked him in and it didn’t take long before he was fast asleep.

What a wonderful day indeed. ❤



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