15th Monthiversary

It’s been 15 months (January 24th, 2014) since Taelor came into my life officially as a foster child after about a month at the orphanage. This was way back when it was located in Giano.

Although we quickly realized we’d be together as mom and child forever and ever, we didn’t officially become “Momma and Child” until the judge ruled in my favor on August 24th, 2014.

Some of you might remember when this happened.

So many friends who are still dear to us, were there in the flesh and in spirit too. There was so much love and generosity shown to us on that day.

I was confident it’d happen cause we had an AWESOME lawyer – Mr Florentine. So I planned a lovely reception later. Since Taelor’s not getting married till he’s like 100 anyway, I figured it’d be nice to have something resembling that to share with everyone.

My (now-ex) boyfriend and best friend, Zhoa, was such a wonderful support. He helped me keep the planning and reception a secret from Taelor. Not sure I could have pulled it off without him.

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He (still a dear friend) helped drive everyone down from the court house.

Here are a few snaps from that awesome day:

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Today, being (circa) our anniversary, Taelor and I shared a very simple, quiet day together. Just the two of us. Our world has grown so beautifully, with tons of loving friends (who love hugs! hugs matter) and supportive family.

The day wasn’t packed with any bells and whistles, but it was still very special to me. It was just us being us – having lunch, spending time at home, talking, laughing, praying and bed time. The things that matter the most to us…just…being, but together! 🙂

The most perfect day ever!

Just being able to look back and know that some things DO last, gives me a sense of peace in all matters of the heart.

Come what may (even RL changes that affect an SL existence), I have great comfort in knowing that I’ve found my “forever” someone and that hopefully he’s found the same in me.

Happy Monthiversary, butterfly. Mommy loves you! ❤


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