Scouts and Dinos

Today is scouts for Isaac, so when Taelor woke up, I was a bit attentive to the time because I didn’t want Isaac to be late. Apparently, there would be some awesome badge they’d be acquiring today, and I didn’t want him to miss out.

I later discovered that the badge was to do with taking care of bees and he was successful in that endeavor! Brave little boy.

So once I’d gotten my MUCH NEEDED morning hugs and kisses, I quickly got him his breakfast, Berry Granola cereal.

Soon as that was done (and his teeth brushed), we went on over to go get the boys – Shawn and Isaac.

Like always, there were lots of hugs (<3 I love it <3) shared and once that was done, we headed off to hail a cab.

After dropping Isaac off, it was Shawn, Taelor and I, so I decided to take the boys to the dino museum. I’d taken Taelor there about a year ago, but it’s such a cool place that you can go there 100 times and still find it exciting.

Shawn collected lots of post cards for Isaac and even some dino toys. Then we looked around the museum and even made our way to a part of the museum that was used for genetics testing. Apparently, the dinos at the facility had been created by man. Jurassic Park, anyone?

Anyway, we didn’t make it outside. I figured we’d return at a later date for that.

I took the kids home after the tour and then left Shawn to do some coloring while I took Taelor home to get him ready for bed.

Taelor didn’t want to have a bath, but he also didn’t want to get his hair wet, so I let him use my shower cap. I think he really likes it *laughs*

After seeing to all bathroom related things, he changed into his brand new PJs that our family friend, Charmie, made for him. He looks SUPER CUTE in it too.

We settled down and said bed time prayers and soon after, he was asleep in no time.

Sweet dreams, butterfly. ❤

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