Sidney visits the orphans

Sidney has been such a key factor in St. Michael’s Orphanage being recreated. However, he’s been off travelling the world.

You can imagine the delight I felt when he called me and said he was stopping by, during the wait of one of his flight connections, to visit the orphanage.

He got there before me that morning, and met Shawn. Shawn, who knows never to speak to strangers, was very weary. Least till I got there in a nick of time to introduce them. Isaac woke up minutes later.

Sidney then offered to make breakfast for the kids – Berry Granola cereal. It’s no filet mignon, but still the thought is what was most special!

After we’d sat and had that lovely breakfast together, Sidney needed to head on off, and quick. He had a flight to catch. He hugged everyone and made the kids promise to hug Taelor later since he didn’t get to see him.

I’m gonna miss him so much. Safe travels, Sidney! ❤

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