A Taster in Tennis

Saturdays are always really nice! I get to spend a lot of quality time with Taelor, and it really makes my week.

This Saturday, we got to have a mix of time alone and time with his new friends, Shawn and Isaac. Being a caretaker does mean a lot of my time is now shared, and Taelor has been such a good sport about it.

For that, I decided we’d have a special meal outside. He loves nature. In fact, so do I. And so do Shawn and Isaac, so it was win-win-win-win!

Taelor woke me up with a nice hug as always.

After we both got dressed up, I let him go on over to the orphanage to say g’morning to his friends.

It was then that I got the bright idea of a special meal. I then began lugging all the chairs, table and umbrella to the courtyard. Then I went back home, made some yummy eggs and waffles, then made my way back to the courtyard to set up.

Exhausting, yes! But worth it.

We listened to some lovely music and ate some yummy home made food (Isaac was still asleep, but he did come later)

Taelor was wearing the cutest dress today, by the way. It was the dinosaur princess dress. It had the cutest prints of a dinosaur wearing a crown.

Anyway, after our meal, Shawn and Isaac went for a nap ((offline)), so it was a great opportunity for me and Taelor to have some ‘us’ time.

I’d been meaning to take him to learn how to play tennis for a long time. With summer nearly here, there are a few things I’d like to bring him up to speed with skill-wise. Swimming and Tennis, being two on that list. He’s had a few swimming lessons last year, but never a tennis lesson.

So I picked him up, piggy backed him and off we were to catch a taxi.

We went journeyed before we got to the place!

I got his clothes out of the bag, and we sneakily changed since no one was there. It was kinda funny looking over each other’s shoulders to make sure no one was peaking as we changed. *giggles*

We looked dressed the part, so now to actually hit the ball. I’ll have to say it was pretty hard, BUT Taelor did hit the ball!!! I was SO PROUD OF HIM! I squealed! It’s every mother’s joy to see their child learn to the point of even doing better than! I’m no exception. So when he hit that ball, it was all I could do not to run across and squeeze him. Alas, I resisted. If I did that every time I had a “proud” impulse, the boy would be smothered!

Anyway, we had FUN! Lots of more practice is in store for this for sure. But for now, it was ‘home time’, as Taelor’s bedtime was round the corner.

When we got home, he quickly went to give his friends a warm hug good night, since they had awoken from their naps.

After that, we did head home and soon as my lil’man was out of the shower, we looked for a book to be read to him. We picked his favorite book – “Where the wild things are”.

It was such a cool story. I’d never read it before, so was certainly a joy for me.

Once we were done, he was already half asleep, so I tucked him in and in no time, my little angel was fast asleep in dreamy dream land. ❤

What a lovely day! 🙂


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