Taelor and I travel to Berlin

Dieter was an orphan at our orphanage up until Friday when his long lost father found him and took him. They’d traveled to their home town, Berlin, despite the current state of upheaval it was in at the time. There had been riots there and somehow in the upheaval, little 7 year old Dieter got shot in the arm by a dirty cop!

I. WAS. ENRAGED! Besides that, frightened and filled with guilt. Perhaps I shouldn’t have let him go until the riots were over. Either way, there was no way of fixing it now. All I needed to do was go to him.

So I packed up our bags for the swift trip on the concord then Eurostar…it was a long trip but we would make it there in very good time if we left first thing.

I was already dressed when Taelor woke up. Soon as he did, I got him dressed up and his belly filled with Berry Granola goodness.

Sadly, I couldn’t take the other children, as I couldn’t get their passports back from the consulate on time. I hope to take them to see him soon though. Hopefully this Sunday.

Soon as he was done, he brushed his teeth, used the potty and we set off to catch a cab for the airport.

Anyway, we finally arrived in Berlin and part of our last leg of the journey was on this lovely train.

Dieter’s father picked us up on the other side, and we walked to their hide out. It was a long walk, and a bit of a sad walk.

The streets were covered in evidence of a recent fight with paper everywhere and beggars on the street. Clearly the poverty level was high in these parts. I felt very moved…compelled even…to return one day in a missionary capacity. But for now, Dieter! He was our reason for coming.

When we saw him, he looked frail. Still shook from the nightmare, but hanging in there like a trooper.

His father explained what happened and as he did, Taelor handed him his card. We’d all signed it – Taelor, Shawn, Isaac and I. We also got him some cool pajamas from America, along with a night light and some other neat things. All made in America. Hopefully, he’ll get to enjoy them without drawing any negative attention to himself.

Sadly, we couldn’t stay long because of the long trip back. So we promised to return, and return we shall.

When we got home, we were both a little more reflective and a little more thankful to God for the peace we lived in here by our safe little village.

As we said our bedtime prayers that night, we certainly didn’t forgot to ask for extra care and protection for Dieter and his dad. Here is hoping there will be no more riots.

Get well soon, Dieter. ❤

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