Hide and Seek

Today was a FUN DAY at St. Michael’s Orphanage!

I woke up feeling especially beachy. I think it had something to do with the weather being incredible today. It was in the early 80s, and the ocean breeze felt fresher than usual. It was sooooo appealing that I decided to make a special lunch today for all the kiddies, including my Taelor.

But first! I thought it’d be fun to play “Hide and Seek”, so I got Taelor, Isaac and Joi involved. The rest were still asleep.

It was nice because Taelor got to meet Joi (who is new at the orphanage). While I went off to drop Isaac at scouts, Taelor and Joi got better acquainted.

Soon as I returned it was HIDE AND SEEK time! Whoohoo!

I was IT. But in no time, I found Taelor – hahaha. He, of course, quickly cheated (ROFL) and caught me right back, so I was IT again and in no time, I found Joi.

Joi was so little and adorable that she couldn’t see over a lot of things to find us. Needless to say, we were sat there for a long time, hiding. She eventually found me and then together, we snuck up and pounced on Taelor! Or at least tried to. He sensed us coming and ran. LOL

After that, it was lunch time, so I took them both to the nice little set up I’d made by the beach. They loved it, and it did feel wonderful.

Isaac came home in no time, but he wasn’t yet hungry so we quickly went to the shops to get Taelor some cool big kid things.

Soon after, I took him home. He was already nodding off cause it was his bed time.

After tucking him in, I returned to the orphanage to tuck Joi in and get the boys freshed up for their dinner.

Jinx joined us for dinner and filled the kids heads with all sorts of talk about aliens and deer farts. It was very interesting indeed.

We then went on and played another good game of hide and seek, and I have to tell you….I picked an AWESOME hiding spot, but I got found in no time by Isaac. I think the boy was a police dog in another life!

All in all, it was a fantastic day filled with love, fun and laughter. ❤

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