My “Mother’s Day” Surprise

Jinx moved in next door. It was a bit of a miracle too, so that morning, I was using all my energy to tidy up the new space he’d carved out for the orphanage. I didn’t even remember that it was Mother’s Day!

As I was pulling up weeds and doing ground work, my little Taelor came up and found me.

I was so glad to see him as I was excited to tell him all about Jinx moving over, when he said something about having a surprise for me! I was shocked because it wasn’t Christmas and it sure wasn’t my birthday either.

He told me it was in my room and also in his room. Oh yes, it was a two part present! So I dropped my shovel and everything and scurried back to the house, with him on my back.

I ran and ran, excitement coursing through me as I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why he’d give me something. And it wasnt just any ol’ thing. He MADE it, with his precious little hands.

Anyway, I got home and burst through my bedroom door to find this beautiful purple box.

Purple is my favorite color, so even the box was present enough. I quickly ripped open the paper and looked in to find two beautiful things – a Tiara and a sash. The sash had the writing “Bestest Mommy Ever” on it, and that was when the tears began – happy tears.

I went to the mirror to admire myself. I looked beautiful, and my son was right there clung on my back, looking beautiful too in the reflection. Happy isn’t a word I’d use to describe the feeling I felt.

“There’s more, mommy”, was what I heard next. With an ‘ok’, I went to his room and waited for the “more”. He scurried down my back and ran to his closet. I tried peaking at what it was but couldn’t quite see, so grinned and waiting for him to turn around.


MORE TEARS came! I just was blown away. They were beautiful and I just can’t believe I could be so lucky to be remembered in this way. I never even saw him making the present days prior or anything. He was really smart and sneaky – my son indeed. 🙂

I quickly went to put my flowers in a vase and place them at a spot in the house that’s the first thing you see when you come inside. Whoever comes to visit, I’ll be saying “Hey, did you see my flowers?”, and grin with pride.

Today, I’ve been made to feel so special and everything I’ve sacrificed in the past year feels very well worth it for this moment.

In fact, it was just a year ago that I’d received my very first mother’s day gift from Taelor. To be honest, that gift is still ringing in my head. It was thoughtful, funny and cute all at once. To hear my son singing for me, is such a joy.

Not to mention the shirt he made for me.

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I’m a lucky lady. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Thank you, Taelor. Mommy loves you ❤ xxx

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