Saturday at the Dino park

After my mother’s day surprise from Taelor, I fixed him some breakfast.

We’d spent almost an hour talking about cheese and corn. Cheesiness and Corniness. The cheese people and the corn people. About how they lived side by side. About how the sun wasn’t good for either because one would melt and the other would pop. We talked about the bridge connecting them and how it’d be crackers with corn chips railings (so no one would fall off the bridge). Basically, it was a very invigorating conversation which left us both hungry, so I made him a cheese fondue.

After lunch, we headed out. It was Saturday, and I’d arranged to take the kids on a trip to a dinosaur park. It was the same park I’d brought Shawn and Taelor to earlier in the week, only this time there was enough time to see MUCH MUCH more of it.

Joi, Kao, Isaac and Korageth (Isaac’s friend) were all there along side me and Taelor. Shawn needed a nap, so he would join us later ((RL had him)).

I announced the rules, and soon as that was done, we headed on by taxi.

Upon arrival, we began at the gallery of the museum. Isaac got up on one of the exhibits, to which I had to remind him of the sign. *smirks*

We walked about and Korageth told the kids fascinating stories about how dinosaurs came to be, and how some got their name, and why they had different natures and skills. It was oh so informative. For me too. I quite liked having another grown up to help me with the kids, and it helps that this one in particular was a very warm man…I mean, bird.

ANYWAY! We explored the labs too and soon we found ourselves outside. It took us a moment to realize that we were outside, BUT within a cage. A dinosaur cage. A T-Rex, to be exact.

PANIC! I had kids with me and there was a dinosaur right there. To say the least, we ran – at first. But then quickly learned to be more stealthy IF we wanted to survive and go unseen. So we did.

Least until we saw a RAPTOR. That was a “run” moment. We dashed and thank God we found shelter in what seemed to be a broken down building. It literally had pieces hanging off it’s walls – broken. We prayed no raptors followed us, but knew we couldn’t stay there for long.

Korageth, Isaac and Shawn went out to scout for a way out. When they came back, I’d changed little Kao’s wet clothes. It had been raining and the little dear was shivering in fear and cold. All the kids were crying and frightened. I was too, but couldn’t really comfort them in the thick of it. I needed to get them outta there.

Anyway, we followed the boys who had found a way out and soon we were in another building.

This one was much more secure, but it was very clear that it’d been abandoned. The kids were less frightened, but it wasn’t over. We needed a way to get out and we couldn’t tell from where we were (inside) just where to go. So we took another chance and made it quickly to a high point, using the elevator just outside the office.

From way up high, we saw nothing but green. Well, until I spotted a paving and realized we weren’t so far from the way out. So we made our way down quickly, back into the building.

We opened and shut doors, looking for what would be the main lobby and pathway to the entrance to the building. The entrance being a good enough exit for us, we celebrated once we found it.

There was no hesitation on our part. We raced down the pavement and caught the very first taxi home!

Once we got home, I noticed there was more than one wet undies. The kids were still so scared that most of them had…umm…peed a little. The poor little dears.

I shooed them all to go get washed up then meanwhile, I took Taelor home to get washed up too and ready for bed.

He washed his hair in the shower, but when he came out, I asked him to help me go check the mail. So he put on his wellies, coat and umbrella and went out to go help his mommy get the mail.

There WAS mail! And it was for him – from Jinx. He opened it and a fairy popped out, free. There were a bunch of other cool things, but Taelor was super excited about the fairy and asked if it could sleep over, to which, I agreed.

I dried his hair and then we said bed time prayers. Once I tucked him in, it didn’t take long before he was fast asleep. I sang to him the entire time.

What a day! 🙂


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