Bags are packed

We have grown in number here at our orphanage. With each passing day, we’re becoming more and more a family, and as summer approaches, so does the promise of excursions (aka field trips) and lots of travel.

My son, Taelor, is not new to this experience at all. Ordinarily, it’d just be him and I, but now we have a handful of new friends that are in my care, so making plans for this trip in particular has been a very special experience for me.

Having already made all the necessary calls to Vulture Air to arrange a charter for our entire flight on May 31, 2015, I’ll be receiving all our tickets later. Also had ID cards made for the kids for airport security.

I also managed to contact an old couple, Frank and Ertha, who own a little villa where we’re going – Chicago. They were willing to rent it out to us. Being family people themselves, with tons of grand children, they had everything necessary to make it homey and comfortable for the kids.

[This is totally NPC, as there is no “Frank and Ertha”, Sidney and I worked on the two plots of land I managed to find at a PRIME location courtesy of TowerRental. They have been extremely helpful to us! EXTREMELY.]

With only a day left before our travels, I decided to get Taelor’s hair braided so it would be easier to manage during our weekend away. But first – a wash!

After washing his hair, I fed him some pork chops. It’d been a while since he’d had them and I made a huge batch for tomorrow’s meal before the flight, so he was getting a taster.

Once we were done with lunch, we went to get his hair braided. He doesn’t know it yet, but I plan on having my hair rebraided in a similar way the morning of our travels.

When we were done, I helped him pack his little suitcase with some things I know he’d need for sure. Isaac had made him a pillow he’ll be able to take with him. The rest of his other things will fit in my suitcase, since I have one that’s bigger.

Bed time came very quickly after that. We said prayers then I tucked him into bed.

It took a little while for him to settle down to sleep – so much excitement. I can’t blame him really. I’m VERY excited too.

Chicago, here we come!


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