Our trip to Chicago (Bay City)

Today was the day! After weeks of planning and preparation, me, Taelor and the kids at the orphanage were headed on our Holiday. Sidney and Korageth came along to help chaperon. Also, Jinx got to come along. Being so close to the kids and a neighbor to the orphanage, it seemed a great idea to invite him. Fortunately, his mom was fine with it.

Earlier in the week, Ms. Stefanii Gorham (Shawn and Isaac’s sponsor) gave me some cash for the kids to spend on the trip. So once I got our tickets, I placed it by each of their beds.

I also got all the kids ID cards. Can’t fly without ID, can we! 🙂

Taelor got up early! I was so proud of him too, because he usually gets to sleep in on the weekends. But alas, my baby was up and got ready in the T-shirt we all were wearing.

After that we went to get the kids at the orphanage. Our flight was due to leave at 2 pm, so we needed to check in by 1:30pm. Thankfully, we were right on time as we set off by taxi at 1 pm. Sidney took the Concord ahead of us to go check that the venue was ready for us.

We arrived at the Hollywood airport and checked-in in no time. The flight plan was as follows:

Hollywood Airport to Desdemona Airfield.
Transfer from Desdemona Airfield to East River International Airport.
East River International Airport to Bay City Municipal Airport.

Checking in was amazing. The airline we took, Vulture Air, has the MOST amazing staff! They took care of all our needs in the most professional way. We were made to feel very special. I HIGHLY recommend them.

The first leg of our flight required that we make a stop to refuel.

When we arrived, our coach was ready and waiting! It didn’t take long before Korageth helped load it up, and off we were headed for the villa we rented.

As we were driving we stopped at the nostalgic zone for all kids, You Know, For Kids owned by Marianne McCann! The kids all ran in, looked around and did a little bit of shopping. It was really great fun!

We set off on our way and the journey was fun. So much to see as we went on the journey. From an old haunted hotel to a bike shop. It was a really nice trip.

We eventually got there and we were all so excited. The kids really like the villa. Max was swinging his suitcase with glee. Taelor was jumping on the bed. Everyone was just completely elated.

After we all settled down, I ordered pizza while Korageth turned into the Bath Monster and scared all the children into taking baths. Then we said prayers and I put Taelor to bed.

All in all, it was a really great day. I’m glad! 🙂

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