Until our next “Hello”

By “trip”, I am referring to my SL sabbatical due to my upcoming surgery in RL.

I love nothing more than spending time with my son doing the simplest things. From sharing meals together, to dressing up in matching clothes, to working on our charm bracelets together, to dancing with each other.

Taelor has become such a huge part of my life (SL and RL).

There are many who don’t really get what it’s like to have this bond. He’s 9 in OOC and IC. He’s my son in OOC and IC. So very few can connect in this way, and because of that I’ve grown in love and maternal intuition.

As I leave, it hurts so so much because I can’t fathom being away from my child for so long. But he’s made me feel so confident that he’ll be alright and that gives me the strength to do what I must for myself.

A long time ago, I’d heard a sayin’ that went somethin’ like this: “Ya can’t say hello again, till ya say goodbye.” Even though I’m really gonna miss ya when ya get your operation, I also know there’s gonna be a time again when you’ll be back, and we’ll be able to tell each other how much we missed each other, and we can give each other really big hugs, and hold each other tight. Even though I’m sad ’bout needin’ to say goodbye for a bit, I’m glad you’re takin’ care of yourself, and I’m lookin’ forward to the time when we can say hello!

– Taelor Mistwallow

I do hope to be back and soon, but it is nice to know that for however long I need, he will be right here with me – in my heart. And when I return, we will be saying “hello” once again.

Until then, if you see him, please be kind to him. Be loving and gentle with him. Take care of him, for me. ❤

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