In Recovery

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my surgery in RL. Suffice it to say, my time away from SL and Taelor has been quite an adjustment for me.

Suddenly I have a lot of time on my hands and mind, Time I usually spend planning on what to do when I see him, what to buy to enhance our lives, and so much more. Now, as I lay here recovering, I’m bored and definitely facing the challenge of learning to use my time more for RL things like walking, eating right, doctor visits, naps, more naps, fighting pain and planning on my next step – getting back into the job market.

In the midst of all this forward thinking and planning, I still can’t help but feel a great deal of emotion when I think of my son and how much I miss him – miss being an active mother to him. I’m very lucky though. Taelor is one of those people who rates RL above SL, and is so supportive of everything I chose to do that benefits my health and life. Kinda like me. I know that if the shoe was on the other foot, I’d support him and encourage him to face RL, after all, we can’t have an SL if our RLs fall by the way side.

His support has freed me to take care of myself and I’m so grateful for it.

Today, however, I was lucky enough to be feeling a bit of a pain ease and decided to sneak on to spend the evening with him. I was in bed in RL, so I didnt have all that much RPing ability, but I have to say, it was one of the most special moments I’ve spent with him so far.

I did have spikes of pain, but it was so nice to look at my screen and see him giggling at the movie, holding my hand and me doing the same. I loved every moment we spent together doing something as simple as watching a movie.

It was just us and it made my day, no week!

Soon as I’d woken up from bed, I brushed my teeth and went down to heat up some food for Taelor. I didnt get out of my PJs. They were just tooooo comfortable. I’d been lucky enough to get these cute socks in the mail for myself and Taelor that morning also, so I got mine on and it felt that much better.

Soon as Taelor woke and I saw him….boy….my heart was alight. He’s everything in this world to me. I was so so happy seeing him!

River came down to say hi too, but then left us to go to her cheerleaders practice. Tae and I jumped onto the sofa’s pull out bed – where I’m crashing while we’re at my sister’s house – and while he ate, I put on the DVD player with movie he picked – MONSTERS UNIVERSITY!

He ate while we watched and after a while when he was full, I snuggled up with him and we stayed up watching till it turned dark.

When it ended, it was so hard getting up. We were both so comfy. So, I said he could stay and sleep with me, but first things first…Bathroom!

Once he was done using the potty and brushing his teeth, He changed into his PJs and the socks I’d got him.

It was super cute! We were matching sleepy bunny sock bunnies! 😀

Soon we were back downstairs on the sofa bed. We said bed time prayers and then we went to bed all snuggled up talking about our dream house and the stars and trees and windows…lots of windows.

What a special day! I’m so happy I got to have it. ❤


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