18th Monthiversary

Yesterday was Taelor and I’s 18th month together as mother and child. I gotta tell you, I’m so so happy. We’ve been through so much together. Our journey has been packed full of so many experiences and friendships.

As I look back, there’s a wealth of memories to showcase. So so many.

Being still in the middle of my recovery, pain is a real factor that’s dictating my availability. Still, I felt it was worth it to spend some time together with him today.

When he woke up, it was like someone switched on a light for me. I lit up with joy and ran up the steps to scoop him up in my arms.

Dino nuggets with green beans was for lunch. It took him doing something creative with a TON of ketchup before he would eat up all of his greens. He called it “Dinonuggets in the Jungle” or something like that. I was laughing too hard and may have missed out the exact coin of phrase. There was promise of a delicious chocolate cake after his meal and I think that helped get him over the edge to eat up.

After eating we went to take care of the birds outside and then headed out for a bit to get some new shoes.

It was a simple day packed more with conversation than activity, but that to me was what made this day truly perfect! Quality time.

Before bed I told him a story and once that was done, it didn’t take long before he was peacefully fast asleep.

I love you, Taelor. Thank you for one more day as your mommy. Happy Monthiversary! ❤

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