NGI Flight 13 to Disney is lost with 140 children

The day had been so nice and quiet. Earlier, I’d sent text messages to my niece and nephew wishing them a safe trip on their anticipated Disney trip, and had spent the day with Taelor celebrating our monthiversary. Once I put him to bed, I spent the evening fixing his alarm clock and enjoying a book. In fact, it hadn’t even occurred to me that I’d not watched the news all evening.

I got myself into bed. I was already feeling sore from moving all day. Being that I’m still in recovery from my surgery, it doesn’t take much to leave me winded. As I relaxed, I turned on the TV to watch the news at 10! It was then I realized the horror!

They said that a NGI Airways Flight 13 that was packed full with over 140 children and an unspecified number of adults today. It was headed from the Richmond Elementary School’s private airport TO Disney land when, at an undisclosed time inflight, the plane disappeared off radar. I sat in shock as I tried to connect the dots.

“Richmond Elementary! Richmond Elementary!” I chanted as I tried to figure out where I’d heard that name before. It sounded really familiar!

THEN it hit me! I immediately realized it was the same flight my nieces, Poppy and Sami, and nephew, Siddy, were meant to be on for their camp excursion. They were headed to Disney! Surely it couldn’t be their flight. This couldn’t happen to me….to them!

I got out of bed and reached for the phone. After a few distressed and enraged calls, the horror set in fully for me. It was their flight! They were in there, and from what was being reported, the route of the plane was mapped crossing across shark infested Pacific Ocean!

Shock took over! As I sat there in a near catatonic state for a few hours, the only update that came was from NGI Airlines in a closed press conference that conveyed the following:

Spokesperson for NGI Airways has confirmed in a closed press conference that Flight 13 lost contact with air traffic control at approximately 3:00 pm this evening. No further details were given except that the pilot made a distress call just before all communications were lost. No planned press conferences at this time.

11807416_1634392756808152_1608400189759145384_oNo comfort from this statement, what so ever! I am officially worried and I don’t know how or if I ought to let Taelor know about this horrid news.

I’ll keep it to myself for now. Surely tomorrow they will find them and everything will be set right again!

((PS: Please this is all IC RP that supports the survivor camp RP adventure currently being organized by Richmond Elementary School and NGI Adoption Agency. Thankfully, this is not a RL tragedy and I pray no such thing ever happens. Amen))

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