Reaching Breaking Point!

After tossing and turning all night, sleepless on my sister’s sofa bed, I flipped the TV back on! I hoped it’d not be enough to wake Taelor up. I’d not yet told him about the plane. I was hoping by now not only would there be an update but that the plane would have at least been found.

Still nothing!

The last and only update was received yesterday a few hours after the incident. Since then there’s been no announcements about any rescue efforts, or information about the where about of the plane. No talks what so ever!

As I laid there listening to the reporters say a whole bunch of nothing about it, I became angrier and more frustrated. 24 hours was a long time to leave a HUGE number of young children in the unknown.

Without realizing, I was up and getting on my clothes. I grabbed my keys and carefully shut the doors behind me so as not to wake my sister or son, and off I went to the airport!

When I got there, there were parents lined up, crying, weeping, screaming. Family and friends of the passengers of the lost flight. I took to joining them in expressing my anger and frustrations by picketing with a sign I swiftly made thanks to the supply of cardboard paper and markers I keep in the trunk of my car.

picketting in sl_002I was especially distraught as I saw pictures of the kids who were on that flight. Soon as I saw my nieces and nephew in the photographs, I broke down and soon was confronted by reporters seeking commentary from me and others there.

picketting in sl_005There was still no spokesman to answer us, and after many hours at the airport, we soon dissipated feeling defeated and ignored.

I snuck back into the house and slowly got my shoes off. There was no sleep for me. The television stayed on all night as I watched in hopes of some updates. But still, there was none.

Then next day, on front page news, word of the demonstration was highlighted and it was nice to see that, at the very least, we weren’t ignored by the press! Maybe there will be a response from NGI Airways now.

picketting((PS: Please this is all IC RP that supports the survivor camp RP adventure currently being organized by Richmond Elementary School and NGI Adoption Agency. Thankfully, this is not a RL tragedy and I pray no such thing ever happens. Amen))

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