Miracle Mail

My day began in continued worry about my nieces and nephew who are lost with the NGI Airways Flight 13 that crashed somewhere over the Pacific Ocean almost a week ago. Still no word from the authorities about whether or not there has been any progress, and it’s getting to me.

I’ve spent most of my waking time shuffling between the NGI Airport and Navy base asking if they’ve been found. Alas, I get the same answers each time. Each day passing means less and less hope, and that just breaks my heart.

When I woke up today at 5:30am, I snuck out of the house with some items of significance to me. Taelor was still fast asleep and I knew I’d be home before he woke up. I still hadn’t told him about the news of his cousins. I was really worried that he’d not be able to handle it well, so I’ve been waiting to tell him. As it’s been almost a week, I decided that I’d tell him today – albeit in the gentlest way possible.

I arrived at the NGI Airport at about 6am, and took a moment to arrange some monumental items by their entry way. With such a grand loss, I felt that the kids ought to be remembered, prayed for and focused on. Perhaps if other customers of the airline would mention the missing kids, it could aid in expediting the search efforts. Who knows. All I know is that I’m worried and desperate at this point.

Moment of Silence_008While kneeling, I said a prayer asking for Poppy, Sami and Siddy to be safe, as well as all the other children with them. The grown ups too, of course.

After my moment of silence, I got up and headed back home with a heavy heart and wiped off tearful eyes.

Moment of Silence_013It was a bit brighter by the time I got home, even though my heart felt so weary and I was consumed in sadness!

I pushed the gate open and walked down the drive way. As I walked towards the front door I spotted something green by the front porch.

Moment of Silence_017As I walked closer, I noticed it was a balloon. I thought it was odd, because I didn’t see it as I was leaving and it was far too early for Taelor to have come down and begun playing with balloons. I wasn’t even sure we had any in the house.

Moment of Silence_018I walked and thought about whose missing balloon it was, but as I got closer, I saw there was a piece of paper tied to it.

Moment of Silence_019In looking up, squinted closer and realized it was a photograph of some kind.

Moment of Silence_021It was then that the picture began to look familiar. It was a child, the face…that face….I KNEW THAT FACE!

Moment of Silence_020SIDDY! I gasped in shock, confusion and excitement, all at once.

Moment of Silence_022I jumped up in a flash to grab it before it flew away. It took me two jumps before I got hold of it and pulled it down.

It really WAS a picture of my precious nephew! Immediately, I was lit with joy and happiness, despite the sprinklers going off and dousing me in water.

Moment of Silence_025My frown and tears disappeared as I stared at his beautiful face. Then it occurred to me that I still didn’t understand what this was, and how it got here.

Moment of Silence_027I looked around and fidgeted with the paper frame housing the photo when I saw a piece of paper shoved in the back of the picture.

Moment of Silence_028As I read it, my joy increased to learn that it was a note from him – hand written! That meant that he was ALIVE! Heavens! My nephew is alive! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I squealed while kissing the letter and running inside to read the rest.

Letter from SiddyOnce I was done reading it, I raced to the kitchen to raid my hamper and cabinets to collect as many packets of Macaroni n Cheese and Chocolates that I had.

Moment of Silence_030I had two types of Macaroni n Cheese, I put them all out. I knew I had two mega packs of Dino nuggets in my freezer, so I got those too. They were all gonna go into the care pack!

Moment of Silence_029I ran upstairs to get a spare old ruby red Nokia phone I had, and after calling the service provider to unlock and turn on tracking for it, I ran back down to put it in the pile of things that were going into the pack. I also got some bottles of water.

After making sure I had everything Siddy requested, I went to go start writing a letter back to him.

Moment of Silence_048Just as I was starting, I heard Taelor heading downstairs. I sprang up to hug him G’morning. ((I missed him. Hadn’t seen him in “forever” aka almost a week πŸ™‚ ))

Once he was all hugged out and I’d found out how he was, I decided to gently tell him what had happened. Would you believe he handled it well? He’s grown so much in the time I’ve been his mommy. I was so happy he didn’t come undone. He was very worried, but he had faith in the situation, and that fueled mine back to full force.

He believes his cousin, Siddy, is so super brave and great at killing zombies, that he’s sure the zombies are in bigger trouble that Siddy is even. I laughed at the notion, but certainly I prayed that was the case.

I then took him to the kitchen to show him all the stuff I’d packed to send and explained I’d be taking it to the Navy.

My plan was to speak to Lieutenant Mapp, and ask him to make it a priority to take the package with him during his search and rescue missions. So that in the event of finding them, they’d have something to eat and drink right away.

Moment of Silence_051After Tae had finished looking at the care package, I let him head on up to get washed up for lunch. While he was up there, I reheated the lasagna and got some juice boxes out of the cabinet. I also sealed the care box with labelled industrial tape to make sure it didn’t come undone in any hustle n bustle during the rescue mission.

As I finished all that, Tae came back down wearing his cute new glitter shoes we’d bought last week. According to him, he’d been waiting “forever” to wear them, which cracked me up considering he’d not waited even a week. Seems we use that term loosely. πŸ˜€

Moment of Silence_057We sat down to eat, and talked a whole lot about Zombies and whether or not they are “people”. We discussed what makes a “person” a “person”. Long story short, we agreed that people are people if they think they are, and since Zombies cant think that means they cant think themselves to be people. Therefore, Zombies aren’t people – BOOM! πŸ˜€

Was a relief for him because he worried his cousin wouldn’t hurt them if he felt they were people, and I suppose that could affect whether or not he was save. Fortunately, that issue is laid to rest and as we ate, I imagined my little nephew teaching the zombies a lesson without any hesitations. It was a good feeling. Well, as good a feeling as one can muster up considering this epic and traumatic turn of events.

After dinner, I decided we should take a stroll through the garden to get fresh air and walk off some food before getting him into bed.

Moment of Silence_065We have so many tulips and they are absolutely beautiful. We took a moment to smell them before continuing our walk that looped back to the house.

Moment of Silence_066As we walked in, we talked on and I discovered that Taelor’s favorite flower is the dandelion. He loves the pretty mess the flower makes when you blow on it. I had to agree. Who doesn’t love that?

In addition, he says he loves dandelions because they are as strong as a lion. No matter how you step on them or get them out, they always grow back. They’re strong and he wants to be like a dandelion when he grows up. #CUTENESS!

I hugged him tightly and kissed his cute little face and smiled. I want that for him too. So so much. Of course, I had to remind him about eating his broccoli, after all, that’s my job. πŸ™‚ To infuse vegetables into everything, even conversation. *giggles*

Bed time was here, and as he was using the potty, I waited outside the bathroom for him for a while before going to his room to turn down the bed.

We said bed time prayers…

…In no time, I had him under the covers and tucked in all nice and snuggly wuggly.

It didn’t take long for him to drift off! πŸ™‚ ❀

Once he was fast asleep, I went downstairs to finish the letter.

letter to siddyWhen I was done, I made a call to the Lieutenant to ask the favor regarding the care package. He agreed! In a flash, I headed out to the Navy base to drop the package following the instructions laid out to me over the phone.

Now it’s just to wait. To wait that it gets to them in time and that where ever they are, they don’t stop believing that help is coming and it will be there soon.


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