Spaghetti Meatballs and Strawberry Blast Bubblegum Shampoo

Today was awesome. I’m feeling a lot better and decided to get up and outta bed today to spend the day with my son, Taelor.

I made some delicious meatball sauce and some spaghetti to go along with it. Spaghetti is Taelor’s 2nd most favorite meal, so I was pretty excited! Makes me happy making him happy.


Soon as he got downstairs (while still in his adorable PJs), I scooped him up and hugged him so so tight like my most prized teddy bear.

I sent him upstairs to go get washed up, after promising that he’d get his hair washed before bed time. Taelor loves baths and getting his hair washed. Like most Princesses, the promise for a new do to the ol’ wig top is enough to appease any time or day. *giggles*

Once he came on down, we hopped on over to the dinner table to chow down. It was Taelor’s turn to say Grace. Once he was done saying grace, he dug right in, and it was yummeh – even if I do say so myself.

We talked of how much fun he’s having with his Aunty River, and how lucky he felt getting to be closer to her during this time of us living at her home. I promised him that ((when I do returned to SL fully)) we will be sure to live near enough his Aunty that he can still see her lots and lots. Bless his heart.

Once we were done eating and talking, it was BATH TIME! Yaaay! I hurriedly got him upstairs then ran the bath with really warm water and added a few ounces of the lovely Strawberry Blast Bubblegum bubble bath that he loves so dearly. It comes with in a matching set that has tear-free shampoo and shower gel.

By the time I was done washing his hair and scrubbing him clean with his yellow sponge, he not only smelled like a bed of strawberries but shone bright like the top of the Crystler building! 😀

I got him all dried up, tied a towel around my sweet cutey m’toodie’s head and body, then it was off to get his pearlies all shinned up and fresh too. Blow drying his hair would come right after that, before we went into his room to get changed.

Have any of you ever picked up the freshest, softest, cleanest, sweetest smelling little child before right after a bath? If so, then you know just how perfect a feeling it is to be next to something so pure and warm and happy. Naturally, I couldn’t resist! I picked him up and took him to his room where he got changed into his special undies and PJs to get ready for that special hairdo before bed.

His dressing table has a bunch of things, from a jewelry box and boxes filled with bobby pins and hair dingdongs TO curling and crimping irons. After sitting him down and putting some lotion in his hair and scalp, I began to part his hair into two then curl it with the curling iron. In no time, his hair went from short shaggy hair to very neatly pigtails with well curled short bangs – JUST the way he likes it! ❤

After getting his hair done, so it’d be ready for the next day, bed time was calling. We went to kneel and say prayers together. It was my turn this time.

Once I was done saying my LONG prayer, I carried him up and placed him gently into bed. It’s really hard not to see him as a baby. Although he is 9, it seems very much irrelevant to me. I bet if he was 18, 19, even 20, I’d still try to tuck him in and lift him up. Bed times are so special to me. I get to take a moment to really look at him.

I get to see his little cute button nose that he crinkles whenever he’s thinking about something. His forehead, void of creasing except when he’s frowning from being deep in thought. His plump but petite lips that are pink and so often spread into the best and brightest smile you will ever see. And that face of his – innocence and beauty. I absolutely soak it in, especially at night when he’s restful and slows enough to drift into sleep.

There isn’t a night that goes by, when I tuck him in, that I don’t watch him drift off into slumber.

I get so much joy from something so little – a little time. Today, I’m so glad I got to spend some of that with him, my sunshine.

Sweet dreams, Taelor. Momma loves ya. ❤

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