Flowery Post in the Mail

Today was a lovely, yet simple day in our world – The Mistwallow’s World.

My little angel, Taelor, woke up happy and well. That always sets my day on a good note, because every night I always pray that he is kept well, safe and happy until he “awakes” again. It gives me great joy to see it coming to pass as much as possible, daily. His well-being means so much to me.

Anyway, he’d woken just as I’d got to the door to get the post. The mail man handed me a pot of flowers and a bouquet also. There was a card on each stating that the pot was for me while the bouquet was for Taelor. Reading on, we discovered that they were from Joi and Kaolin – two precious little girls that lived with us at the orphanage not long ago.

It was so nice to see. My card mentioned their wishes for my speedy recovery during this time while I’m mending from major surgery. It was really thoughtful. I can’t tell you how little gestures like these go a long way to making us feel very happy and loved. Small tokens, but HUGE gestures! We’re blessed!

Quickly, Taelor hopped on the phone to them and then once he was done, we put the flowers in a green vase on the dining table. That was Taelor’s idea. He was very excited to do that. ❤

Not long after that, he sat on the island while I got breakfast ready then we settled down to eat. I had been making cookies earlier in the day, and even offered him one to have AFTER his breakfast. I don’t usually allow him sweets except on Saturdays, but I felt he deserved it for being such a good boy and so accommodating of my absence.

Towards the end of breakfast, he suddenly needed to run off to go to the potty and on his return we chatted a bit about the dangers of holding your pee. He told me how someone had told him it was a good idea to learn to hold it so as to know how to hold it during the night. I quickly squashed that thinking and assured him that accidents happen to the best of us and in time, he will out grow it. Just like I did, and many others.

He seemed very comforted by my understanding and that made me so glad. I’d be devastated to know he spent more time worrying about me criticizing him for having an accident than he spent knowing that I can not only understand but relate. I accept everything about him. One day he will fully comprehend just how solid that promise is from me. 🙂

After that we went out on the town in search of a Ballet studio. I’d been talking to him about getting back into Ballet. He loved it a lot. I even promised that I’d join along and that seemed to be the winning idea, because he ceased hesitating and became very willing. So I guess that means I’m going to be a Ballerina too. I really can’t wait to experience this with him.

Anyway, our search yielded fruit because as it turns out, my niece, Poppy, is opening a Ballet studio in just a few weeks.

In fact, they will begin promoting it soon. I’ll write about that too when it happens. 🙂

We headed home after seeing the shell of the studio. We were impressed and extremely excited as we made our way back home. I raced him into the house and he won, as always *winks*.

Soon as he got ready for bed, we prayed and then I tucked him for the night. He was out like a light in no time. 🙂

I waited an hour on his balcony to ensure that he was fast asleep, then I got up and brought in a bunch of things I’d bought for his room. It was time to spruce it up a bit and he’d gone without a computer for a long time. My laptop, which we share, was now filled with all sorts of kiddy games on it, so I was certain it was time he had his own.

As quietly as humanly possible, I got his little corner set up. In the morning, I’m sure he will be pleasantly surprised about this and a few other additions I’ve made to the home.

I finally passed out after all that heavy lifting. What a day! I had fun and can’t wait to see him “tomorrow”.


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