A special “Throwback Saturday”

Today was wonderful. I began early by going to the grocery store and finishing some shopping for the house. We live with my sister, and she pretty much is taking good care of Taelor while I’m away. The least I do is try to make sure there’s food in the house.

There was already tons of food laid out, but I got a bit more and then spent quite a while stocking the fridge, bread basket, cooler, fruit basket and cabinets with them. Yup! Busy, Busy, Busy! 🙂

— I use the Rasman 2.0 system to cook, so all the ingredients you see are functioning, scripted ingredients that are required for the appliances in the kitchen. They don’t expire, but they do deplete. 😀 —

I had everything except a breadbox, and having searched high and low for one, I had lost hope.

That was until my postman turned up with yet ANOTHER gift. This time, it was from a lovely little girl named Irma. She’d crafted me a breadbox with her very own hands. She also drew a “get well” picture for me. Of course, I was elated and collected the gift with both hands. I then carefully moved things around to place it in the most perfect spot, before placing my freshly bought loaf inside. Perfect!

It was then that I heard Taelor rummage upstairs, and I knew he was awake. I’d assembled some burgers early and in no time, they were cooked and assembled! I took a moment to update him on a few things around the house, and after the long telling, his tummy was grumbling!


As we sat and ate, we chatted about our day ahead. He had also gotten to see the new additions to his room and house, and was pretty excited about that. His cousin, Poppy, had left a gift for him and he was also pretty excited about that. He also was excited about the yellow fanny pack he got from me too.

To put it simply, my son was a happy camper today! It was a day of gifts and at this point in the day, the big gifts where still yet to come!

When lunch was done we set off on our bikes to go register for Ballet. Well, at least, that was the plan! Before we did, Taelor got on one of our new additions to the house and I just HAD to take a picture of him. He looked like a baby wrapped in a giant handkerchief in the mouth of a giant stalk! Special delivery for me, perhaps! hehehe #corny

After the brief camera crazy moment on my part, we did get on our bikes and then made our way out.

On the way, we decided to ride to Nightingale to drop of something for Joi and Kao. We didn’t tell them we were coming either. We just decided to surprise them.

On our way, as we rode past the Police Department in Nightingale, we saw someone familiar! Very familiar! It was SILVER!

Silver was my daughter a year ago. Silver, Tina and Taelor were siblings! And boy did Taelor just love them to pieces. So imagine our joy when we saw her? Neither of us hold any negative feelings towards her, so seeing her brought nothing but happiness, joy and laughter to us.

We talked for hours, and reluctantly, we left her to carry on our journey.

We rode for quite a while. Some parts were harder to ride than others, because there was no side walk, but thankfully we got there safe and sound.

Taelor bounded up the steps after putting his bike away. The door was wide open, but he knocked then ran into the hallway in excitement *laughs*. I had to go hold his hand, bring him back to the doorway and tell him we needed to wait for someone first. With that he proceeded to yell high pitched “Hellos” until someone came to the door! *laughs* He was very excited to see his friends when they both came to the entry way.

We hugged and kissed and beamed and squealed. It was a very happy moment. Following that, Joi showed us their lovely home, which culminated in a tour of their very grand bedroom paradise. It was spectacular. Very dreamy room indeed.

I also got to meet their infamous Aunty Alei, who has been taking such good care of them. They adore her so much, so it was truly a pleasure to get to meet her.

It is evident that they’re being cared for properly by her. It was so good to see.

Time sailed past in record speed, because, when I checked my watch, it was past Taelor’s bed time! I quickly headed home with him. He was already sleeping.

I carried him up the steps then in the bathroom, I put him on his feet and kissed his face 100 times to wake him up to brush his teeth and use the potty, so he can get put to bed. It worked. 🙂

As he got ready for bed, I put up two drawings he’d done in the past. One for his Aunty River and one for me, about our time exploring the ocean during one of his home schooling excursions. It was so nostalgic looking at the pictures. I began to cry (happy tears), but quickly wiped my eyes before he would come in and worry about me.

Soon we were saying our prayers and then he was getting tucked in, nice and snug!

We didn’t get to do what we planned today, but all the distractions along the way made today a very special day indeed. Seeing so many special people from our recent and distant past was such a blessing. It really did feel like a ‘throwback Saturday’.

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