Ballet Time a’Cometh

It’s been ages since Tae had a ballet class. He belonged to a Ballet School a long time ago, but it closed down. So when I heard that my niece, Poppy, was going to open one of her own, I was very excited!

So on this day after Taelor woke up and I got my most beloved hugs and kisses…

…and I was able to feed him some delicious breakfast of Bacon Omelettes and Toast…

…off we were to Little Toes Dance Academy to sign up.

When we got there, it was so exciting. There were signs outside, so we knew we were at the right address. With all the “Coming Soon” signs, we were made all the more excited.

Taelor ran in and we were able to sign up on the computer. It took us to a simple website where we completed this form. We were also able to join the group on Facebook, since they plan on using it to send updates as classes resume.

They even have “Mommy and Me” classes. Those are every other Sunday and I definitely in intend on doing those with Taelor. I’ve even got my ballet shoes and bag ready! We’re very excited.

The GRAND OPENING is August 29th, 2015 at 4 pm SLT!

FIRST CLASS begins September 1st, 2015 at 2 pm SLT!

Their intended class schedule (although subject to change) is:

2 pm slt – Ballet (all ages)
6 pm slt – Ballet (all ages)

2 pm slt – Modern Dance (tweeneedoo & big kids)
6 pm slt – Hip Hop (all ages)

Every other Sunday
3 pm slt – Parent/Child class


We did take some time looking around the awesome studio. It was fun getting to practice stretching. Taelor knows a lot more about ballet than I do, so it was really nice getting a few tips from him.

We had a good time and soon it was bed time, so we made our way home. It was his turn to pray and one that was done, I tucked him in nice and snug under the covers and he was fast asleep in no time.

Happy day indeed. ❤

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