Water Log and Slide

I’d been out already on the bike to get some meats from the local butchers, and had prepared a very hearty beef soup and baked small loaves of 12 grain bread.

Taelor woke up bright and early also. Soon as I saw him, I gave him big squishy hug, then had him change. I told him we’d be going someplace with water, so wearing a swim suit would be best.

Soon he was back downstairs, and wearing a lovely yellow swimsuit with yellow shorts and his jellies. We then sat down at the dining table to start lunch. It was delicious!

When we were done we headed on out, but not before Taelor ran up to go feed his birdies and his gold fish.

Soon as he was back down we headed out, but stopped to change the water at our bird bath.

In no time we arrived at the place. It was called “Whispering Winds” and it was like nature’s paradise. So many gorgeous plants and trees, with camp sites and a host of neat little things for entertaining.

We gravitated towards the Water Logs. Taelor got up front and I slipped down in the seat behind him.

In a few seconds, the log jolted forward and we were off!  It was so much fun! We got shuttled left and right, up and then down, rapidly! I got wet and Taelor…well, he was soaked too. *laughs* It was a lot of fun. I especially loved the drops downward.

Once we were back to the start, we made our way up the hill and to an endless bunch of steps that took us all the way to the top of the water slide.

It was massive!

I had Taelor take off his shorts so I could keep it in my fanny pack to preserve some of the dryness left in it. After that, I held down the tube so he could sit in it carefully. Once he was secured, I gently pushed the tube till it was caught by the water and propelled down through the tube. All I heard was a delighted squeal disappearing into the tunnel as he went further and further down.

It was so cool to watch him swirling about through the mile long tube, till he splashed into the lake below.

Forgetting to get down to my swimwear, I then did the same and soon was right beside him in the water.

I got out and pulled a dry hand towel from the fanny pack that I used to dry him up, and wipe his feet and jellies. I handed him back his shorts to get back on and as he did that, I managed to get myself relatively dry with the help of the other hand towel I had stuffed in my fanny pack.

By the time we got home, my clothes were somewhat air dried. I drew the tub for Taelor, so he could get himself rinsed off from the lake water.

While he was getting a bath, I took his wet things immediately down to the washroom and put them in to wash overnight.

By the time I came back upstairs, he was out of the tub, dried and in his PJs.

Although I didn’t wash his hair, I thought it’d be a good idea to blow dry the dampness out of it. He was already practically sleep walking by this time. I had to help get his toothbrush pasted up and in his mouth to help him brush.

After he’d spat and swooshed, and I’d rinsed off his toothbrush also, we headed off to his room for bed time prayers. It was my turn to pray, so I did. After which, I quickly carried him up and under the covers, then tucked him in for the night.

It had been a really fun day, and he was truly exhausted. In no time, he was fast asleep. Just like an angel! I had to stay there watching him. He purrs in his sleep! It’s the cutest thing you will ever hear. I didn’t realize when I fell asleep myself, right there with my clothes and shoes on!

I was very comfortable!

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