Princesses Need A Beauty Salon Day

I fell out of Taelor’s bed when I woke up this day. It was rather funny. I must have been stirring when I head Taelor say “mommy?”. He was playing on his kitten computer, obviously having woken up much earlier than I had. Being Saturday morning, I tend to sleep a little later than he does, but I don’t usually fall out of bed. I forgot I’d fallen asleep in his bed, and with it being considerably smaller than mine, I guess that played a part. *laughs*

Taelor was so sweet. It was so nice to see him right when my eyes were still adjusting to the light. He came over and asked if he’d woken me while playing on his computer. He hadn’t, of course. He’s always really quiet and gentle with things.

I hugged him so tight. Took forever before I let go of him!

He’d already gotten himself dressed up and was wearing a rainbow romper that just made him look the cutest ever. I had him spin around for me to get to see him in it – front, side and back.

What a cutie!

I eventually let him go, then went to use the toilet and paint my nails also.

Soon after, I went in to have a bath, and while I was bathing, I heard Taelor call out my name, alerting me to the fact that he thought the washer was broken. Something about it making an endless noise.

I was already in the tub, so called out for him to go down and see if he could turn it off.

He went down to check, but then soon yelled back up the stairs about being unsuccessful. It was just as well, because I really don’t want him using appliances in the house unsupervised.

I got out and brushed my teeth, then got dressed up. Once I was ready, I rushed downstairs to get a good look at the washer.

I understood the issue right away, and once I fixed it, I spent a quick few minutes folding some of the clothes that were in there. Taelor got up on a stool to help fold some too.

While he folded he noticed the brand of detergent and softener we used and was curious if it was Spanish or not. I explained how some companies target certain demographics by writing in their language, but doesn’t necessarily mean that those companies are from that place. As I explained, I picked him up from his stool and headed to the kitchen where he sat on the bar stool as I heated up some Lasagna.

We carried on talking about how nice that was of the companies, and then went into how smiles are a universal language. We talked lots about that till he remembered a Disney song. I never pass up a chance to sing and dance with him, so I burst into song and we danced right there to “It’s a small world after all” until the microwave dinged that the lasagna was ready.

Once it was ready, we sat down to eat. Naturally, he was made to eat up his salad first. ūüôā

When the meal was done, he and I went up to use the potty. I had to brush my teeth again, since I had eaten up the onions from his plate.

After that we headed on out. I had made an appointment for us to get our hair done at Hair Color Curls in a town not too far away. Crestwick. For a week now, I’ve been wanting to take proper pictures of Taelor out back in our garden, so I thought it’d be great for us to have our hair done professionally. Being that it’d be Taelor’s first time in a Beauty Salon, I wanted to make it a surprise.

We walked till we came upon the town. It is a small working class town situated in the middle of a beautiful bay. The streets are lined with a cafe, art gallery, businesses and shops. Downtown is surrounded by parks, marsh land and other surprises including a giant hill that supports an abandoned scientific research center which overlooks the town. [SL Destination Guide: Crestwick Island]

We had a great time walking around the town first, seeing the Court house, Police Station, Gas Station, Seneca Park, Bank, Cafe and so much else that was there to be seen. It was a safe and warm place.

We found a water fountain. It was good cause Taelor was very thirsty. I tasted the water first to make sure it was actually spring water. Had to do that before letting him have any of it. Thankfully it was good, so he drank up.

Soon as we arrived for our appointment, we were greeted warmly and soon each of us were being attended to while sat in the most comfortable pink chairs.

The lady took my braids out and washed my hair, while the other lady also gave Taelor’s hair a professional washing.

Soon we had our heads wrapped temporarily, then treated with all sorts of nutrients for our scalp and hair before they put our hair up with curlers.

After that, we were ushered to the hair dryers. Taelor needed cushions and they were kind enough to provide that for us.

I read magazines while he colored into a coloring book that they had, thankfully. It was really a lot of fun, and I was glad that he didn’t feel overwhelmed by the heat of the dryer. It didn’t even seem to bug him as he sat there happily coloring his book.

When the driers went off, they brought us back to our chairs. The lady who did Taelor’s hair was kind enough to find some perfectly textured and real looking flowery fixtures for his hair after doing some side braids. I’d told her the reason for the special hair do, and what my vision was for his hair. I was so pleased that she was able to execute it so well, while leaving his hair slightly curled from the curlers. I’d imagine that when we take the braids out, his hair will have such a lovely curly wave to it. I almost can’t wait to see that.

My hair was done very simply. She combed out most of the waves. I do love the bounce to it and the lovely accessory my hair dresser¬†placed on my head. Was very different from the hair style I’ve been keeping for a few months now. I have to say, it feels great to have my hair out of braids. A lot lighter, and I think it’d be perfect for our pictures.

We both looked great!

After the wonderfully long day, we headed home. It was already getting late, but I had promised I’d tell Taelor a bed time story, so we hurried a bit. He got changed into his PJs, and then it was time to say prayers.

Once our prayers were said, I got him snuggly under the covers and began to tell the story of “Mr Whittington and his Cat”.¬†It was a pleasant story about how having a little faith and giving the only thing you have could result in you getting back so much more than you ever imagined. It reminded me of the lady who gave her last coin and how much that meant to God, that she would give that much – her all.

Taelor was so sleepy that he didn’t make it to the end of the story really. He had drifted off a few times and by the time it was over, I tucked him in and kissed him softly. He did look like an angel. I love watching his cute little angel face, but this time I remembered to get up and go to my bed.

It was a wonderful day indeed. I loved it so much.


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