My Butterfly Princess

Our friends and family know much about us. For instance, they all know that Taelor is the Princess of Butterflies. That is in addition to being that he’s half fairy, half unicorn, half kitten, half mermaid. *laughs* What can I say? My son has quite the imagination and far be it from me to dash any single one of his aspirations. I fully encourage him to believe he is magical, because to me he definitely is magical!

I’ve been wanting so much to take pictures of him with butterflies. Since we got our hair done yesterday and today was a day of little to plan, I decided to have him and I photographed. I even got us some pretty “butterfly” inspired clothing.

The day began when he bounded down the steps and into my arms with a happy “Good morning”. He had gone to sleep in one of my favorite nighties, so seeing him flowing down the steps in his night gown just put a big smile on my face. Such an angel!

After my huggies, he went upstairs to change into the outfit I’d bought him that was in his room. At that time, I headed on out back to empty the trash. While I was back there, I heard a loud squeal all the way from upstairs. I laughed because I suspected it was because he had seen his dress and loved it.

Soon he was back down stairs and by me outside, wearing it. He kept trying to push down the dress, unsure of if it was too short. All the frills on it made the dress poof up some, but it was truly perfect and fit him to the T!




After eating some yummy French Toast slices with blueberries and banana slices, Taelor needed to go to the potty. I waited. Once he was back down, we headed on outside.

We were walking out front to get photographs done in our front yard, when he saw some butterflies and began running about after them. He chased after them trying to catch a few. Although he didn’t get to catch any, he looked so delightful as the butterflies stuck around fluttering around, playing with him in return. It was quite a moment to behold and he was glowing happily.

After playing with the butterflies, we took a stroll to the back yard. The butterflies hung about with him too. As we walked, Taelor tried to pick some flowers.

We decided to take a moment to swing together. I snuggled up so close to him and kissed his cheek. I love simple moments like these where sharing each other’s company is just as fun as doing something adventurous.

We swung together for a short while before slipping off. I ran ahead and dove into the blanket of flowers, giggling. Taelor came up and did the same. The sun was setting by now, and the gentle breeze made the warmth of today’s summer feel so soothing.

We laid there, together, smiling at each other, looking up at the sky, closing our eyes, relaxing…quality time. It felt great just laying in silence listening to the sound of the garden from the chirping birds to the cricket noises. It took everything inside of me to get up and pick him up too. We didn’t want to leave, but it was his bed time.

I piggy backed him back to the house. Ever have a giant butterfly on your back before? Well! I did! *giggles*

We back into the house and placed him down on his feet so he could run on up to get ready for bed.

That didn’t take long at all, and soon we were saying bed time prayers together. It was my turn to pray. Soon after that, I got him tucked under and spent a few moments staring at his beautiful butterfly face.

He soon drifted off, but there I remained, musing over him till very well past my bed time.

Days like these, I wish, would never end.



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