The Greatest Mistwallower

For nearly a month we had waited for this day. Taelor had refused to go to the new Paleoquest Dino Park (modeled after Jurassic Park) without his dino-crazy cousin, Siddy. He wanted to experience it with him, and I really loved that idea.

Little did we know that the experience was not at all what we thought.

My sister moved out, so I had moved my things into the room that was once hers. That was were Taelor met me this morning. It felt different having slept in a bed you can’t fold up. Different, good!

I got my huggies in and then quickly headed downstairs to finish packing the lunch box for us to take. Siddy had already called to say he was on his way.

The door bell rang, and Taelor got to the door before I did. It was Siddy. I wondered how come he didn’t ask immediately for the fair to pay the taxi driver, but soon I overheard him telling Taelor that he had driven himself!

After watching my son lovingly grip a seemingly soggy cookie that had clearly been handed to him by Siddy, I got my hugs in before asking for clarification about just how he had gotten to our house! I couldn’t believe he could have driven, and assumed he was just joking. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He had! However, the battery operated toy car that he rode in was dead, and left abandoned just outside our front gate. It was too heavy for him to push.

I laughed for a while, internally, of course. They both went up to go to the potty, so I went to the gate to drag the car to our porch for charging. By the time it was plugged in, down they came, we got in the car and off we went.

On arrival, I was sooooooooooo impressed. We quickly went in and found a gift section even. Soon we heard the sound of the tour train pull up, so ran up the steps in time to catch it.

Along the way, we did have a few challenges. Somehow we got separated and even a little bit electrocuted, but thankfully we found each other again.

By then, Taelor was already upset. The poor dear was afraid and not at all happy to have gotten zapped. Can’t blame him really. His little cousin, Siddy, on the other hand was roaring to go and full of energy.

It took a little bit of coaxing, but Taelor pulled it together. He decided to plow through the first challenge and despite the numerous set backs, he completed it!

Let me take a moment to tell you about my son!

When I met my little angel, his nature was set! He was (is) gentle, mellow and not at all a fan of dark and scary things. Not even for fun. I took to his nature, because it not only is somewhat aligned with my own, but I knew I was capable of shielding him and raising him in a way that would not invite nightmares; however, would back him in the face of such a challenge.

Today was a testament to my hopes for him when it comes to facing the dark. It is the day I realize my child has GROWN! Taelor tugged on my arm when we were right there in the middle of the pyramid, somewhat lost, and said “Mommy, I’m sorry but I don’t think I can do this anymore. I can’t make it through.” It broke my heart. Not that he would give up or that he was scared, but that he thought he couldn’t do it. I want to raise him to know and believe he can do anything! Anything at all. So hearing this from his lips made me resolve to helping him, so he could rise to the occasion. I prayed internally that he wouldn’t shut down, and God answered.

Clearing my throat, I spoke firmly into the ear piece and encouraged him. I told him “Darling, listen to my voice. You can do this, I promise you can. Give it one my try and this time, I will help you. I will point out when you can move until you can make it to me. Give it one more try honey. I know you CAN do this, butterfly. Mommy believes in you!” By now, him and Siddy were way behind. I had been waiting just beyond the pool of water I had to swim through to avoid being impaled by some darts. It killed me, inside, that I wasn’t with them, but I had to fight the desire to go back for them. I needed to let him try this by himself! I needed to do this for his sake. So I waited!

From where I was, I could see the darts aimed at him and Siddy. I coached him on when to run across, and he listened at first, but then I noticed he was moving without my instruction after a point. He ducked under the darts that could have impaled him. He timed himself and ran past the falling stones that could have smashed him. He swam through the water that was shallow, but still enough to have scared him if he didn’t know how to wade in water – a feat by itself, as we’ve had to work through empowering him beyond his fear of bodies of water.

Soon as he emerged from the water, there I was, my hand held out. I grabbed him, hugged him. I was proud! I was happy he was safe, but by God, I was happy that even if we quit now, he had pushed himself and done more in the face of doubting himself! It took everything not to cry.

We waited for Siddy. He was having a blast and not at all registering any fear. He’s a very unique child indeed. I suppose all those years of zombie hunting from infancy has helped numb him from feeling much fear. He’s definitely the adventurer of the family!

Once Siddy caught up, we proceeded. We crawled under the dart that were aimed at us and arrived in a great hall. There were hundreds of flesh eating beetles. I turned to Taelor and assured him he could do this! I would not hold his hand. I would not be able to prevent anything. However, I would be right behind him, and God help me if I wasn’t ready to beat some beetles to oblivion if they even though of touching my boy! I was ready for them!

Siddy went first and scaled it. The boy was a natural. Next would be Taelor.

Would you believe he ran so fast and not even ONE beetle touched him. He had made it. My boy had made it. My son! The one who was afraid. The one who doubted himself. The one who wanted to quit. He made it to the end all by himself. No hand holding and no modifications! As I stared at his bright face, beaming with self pride (though still riddled with fear), I couldn’t help but feel all the more proud and in love with this young little child who was mine.

He marched on up to the mummy statue and put the mask he had collected right there in it’s rightful place before walking through the magic door that appeared. I followed. Soon all three of us were outside – Free and safe!

I was so happy that we were outta there. I do love quests, after all, I’m an adventurer. Or should I say “Mistwallower” – that’s what Taelor and I call each other when we’re on an adventure! Despite my love for quests, this sort of “scary/dangerous” quest while with my son? Naaah!!! I can’t focus on the task when I’m worrying about him. So we won’t be doing the quests again! However, I’m so thrilled that we got to experience this together! Somewhere inside that dangerous pyramid, my son showed himself and me just how much strength he has on the inside – which makes him The Greatest Mistwallower ever!!

Go Taelor, Go Taelor, Go!

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