Little Toes Dance Academy Opens Grandly

We were invited to the Grand Opening of Little Toes Dance Academy! Well, duh! My niece runs it! She knows just how excited Taelor is about Ballet and how passionate I am about seeing to it that he gets to be a part of Ballet dancing again. Being invited was expected, and we gladly RSVPed a resounding ‘YES’.

Today was that grand opening. It was held outside their facility and boy was it a great turn out.

Taelor woke up today, buzzing about the party. He was up and dressed in no time. I had just been doing some further unpacking and decorating in my new room when then pitter pattering of his Mary Jane inspired sandals came scuffling on my bedroom floor.

He looked so pretty today in is yellow dress. I hugged him for a long while and talked about all I’d been up to since the crack of dawn. I’d even had an electrician come to install fans in both our rooms. Taelor tends to overheat a bit. I think it’s because he’s got nitro boosters in his feet that he’s not yet told me about. In either case, I felt having a ceiling fan to keep the air moving all year round, was a great thing. This fan moves in one direction for cold and the other for warmth, so it’s perfect as an all seasons fan. His fan was yellow (duh), and Taelor seemed glad to have it.

I also had something else for him!

Weeks ago, I set off to have some leg warmers and ballet slippers of varied colors made for him. I was very lucky to be put in touch, via Facebook, with expert tailor and owner of bop!, Zak Kozlov, who made the set of leg warmers and ballet slippers my son will be sporting for some (maybe most) of his ballet classes.

It all began when I voiced my wish to a dear Facebook acquaintance and expert builder for Hectik, George Orellana. He was kind enough to nudge me in the right direction after I had asked him whether he was as good a tailor as he was a carpenter. He was very honest in stating his limitations, but then suggested that I contact someone he was sure would be as good a seamstress as he was a carpenter.

That person he recommended was Kenzie Thomas Numbers. Kenzie is the glowing talent behind Meshmerized. I’d seen a lot of his products being wished for, talked about and sort after on Facebook. As I repeated his name in conversation, it began to ring a bell! I thought to myself, “Numbers! Numbers!!” Then, it hit me. Of course! That name was familiar, for reasons beyond the fact that the Numbers are the family behind SL’s most successful adoption agency, Next Gen Inc. The name was so pleasantly familiar, because his father, Mr. Thomas Numbers, had been a generous sponsor of my orphanage, St. Michael’s Orphanage, while we were operational. How small the world is indeed!

I quickly pushed past my reluctance and contacted the strapping young man. He was as pleasant as his father, and just as courteous also. He swiftly responded and was all too willing to help after I explained. Soon he was sewing away. I was impressed that such a young one would have such a talent with sewing. Impressed and grateful. It then dawned on me that it must run in their family, the propensity to help others. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and fell over myself trying to show it without appearing like a groupie.

The work was extensive, and after reaching a certain point that was difficult to push past, he then referred me on to my final port of call, Zak! It was Zak who completed the job and in record time. He was gracious and professional. Soon I had a finished product I know would bring a great big smile to my son’s face. It wasn’t but 2 weeks ago he’d seen a poster at the Little Toes facility and wished he could have a leg warmer just like that. It is humbling to know that with the help of these wonderful people, that dream is coming to fruition.

Once Zak was done, young Kenzie took on the remainder of the task. Apparently, he was not just a good tailor but was also quite the talent scouting out ideal fabric. So he was able to do that for me, providing me with multiple options for my son. At the moment, that work is under way, but the very first product made by Zak was right here at the house!

I handed the box to Taelor and when he saw it….the SQUEAL! Heavens! That boy has some pipes on him. He put it on right away. Mind you, it’s summer time and he was fully clothed. Leg warmers are ideal for Ballet because being scantily clad means you’re likely to get cold quicker. In addition, being in an air-conditioned space while being scantily clad means you’d need all the warmth you can get.

Do you think my son cared about getting hot while wearing RAINBOW colored leg warmers? The answer is a resounding “Heck, No!”

With the cutest eyes ever, he asked if he could keep them on. After all I’d gone through to get them, I wasn’t about to tell him no. Heck, he could sleep in them if he wanted. I was just thrilled he loved them that much! He did a happy dance! Yes. He. Did.

Earlier, I’d shopped and got us table clothes and some new china. So we headed down to get our dinner table cleared and worked on setting the new setting together! It was awesome working well together as always! A much deserved high five was received by him from me!

Taelor was really good picking the right colors. He picked orange in the plates cause he believes it’s an inviting enough color that it’d make any food look inviting. Sound logic! Somehow, I can’t help but feel he was thinking about making vegetables look better when he said that.

Once we were done with that, I heated up a delicious Mexican platter I’d assembled. I’d made him a burrito and some other yummies. Taquitos, fajitas, grilled chicken and guacamole. When I’d finished reheating it and we both had searched the fridge for the best juice to pair with the meal, dinner was served! I placed the plate on the table with the guacamole, green and proud in the center!

You should have seen his face! Especially as he poked it, reacted to the squishiness then, with a scrunched up nose, asked me what the “green stuff” was! His eyes were locked on the “green stuff” in the small bowl. It took a LONG time to convince him that that “green stuff” wasn’t veggies. He didn’t look at all impressed with me.


I even had to take a small spoonful to show him it was nice. He was still hesitant. I wish avocados could be any other color but green. Imagine convincing a child that an avocado, green as can be, is a fruit and not a vegetable. And that it’s fatty, but not bad fats, good fats.

Once we said grace and eventually, began eating, he went for it bravely. Eventually, he concluded that it had no real flavor, and was comfortable smearing it on his burrito and dipped his taquitos into it. I was relieved, but that didn’t last long.

I love spice and pepper, and although I know Taelor doesn’t like things too hot and spicy, I’d marinaded a flavorful hot pepper and put it on his plate with an intent to have him merely TRY a teeny bit of it, albeit within his burrito wrap if he chose to do so. Sadly, I didn’t get to vocalize this before he reached for the pepper and bit into it. He thought it was the safe peppers I usually leave on his plate i.e. the green and red bell peppers.

He immediately began heaving and coughing, reaching for his mango juice and trying to down it. I immediately jumped up to grab a slice of bread then took the drink from him in place of the bread. Sometimes it’s worse to drink any liquid while your mouth is burning. It could also irritate your stomach lining. My mom always gave us a slice of plain white bread to chew on whenever we were in over our heads with pepper, and it worked.

I watched his face go from lightly blushed to raving red hot fire. All my pity went out to him. Finally it subsided and the saddest thing of all is that now he’s even less lightly to eat a pepper ever again. I’ll have to work on that later but I can’t blame him. It was  a pretty bad sting.

When our dinner was done, I took out the side braids in his hair. The hair dresser had done it this way after curling it, so it could hold the flowers in his hair. But since the flowers had begun to fall off, I decided to take the side braids out and let his curled up hair out to breathe. I gathered them in two pigtailed halves, and it was about the cutest look I’ve ever seen. It was then that we were ready for the party. So rainbow legged and curly haired, we headed on out.

On getting there, it was packed. What an amazing crowd of people! Children of all ages, mothers, father, sisters and brothers…everyone was here to sign up their child (or themselves) for Ballet! I met some lovely people and saw a few familiar faces also. George was there. My nieces, Poppy and Sami. Kao and Joi. Their new mommy. Charmie and her mommy, Kat. Zane and Hooper, Poppy. Sami and Siddy’s daddy and papa. So many other people that I can’t remember to list. (so sorry).

The DJ was amazing! Taelor and I had such a blast dancing among our friends and family. I slipped away to pay the tuition then slipped right on back to dance with him. We were also very lucky to win presents in a game. It was truly a ton of fun filled laughter.

By the time it was time to go home, we were hesitant. It was so much fun, but I had to insist on Taelor’s bed time, and soon we were on our way home after giving numerous hugs and kisses to our loved ones, new and old.

Once home, I opened my present and saw it was a purse. How cool! Taelor was getting ready for bed, while I posed in front of the mirror! He finished and came in to see my purse.

Then we headed to his room where he opened the box with his own prize and pulled out a rabbit doll, like a magician pulling one out of his hat. It was huge, and the cutest little girl bunny ever. He named her but is yet to give her the tour of his room. He’ll do that tomorrow he says. I already know that she’s going to be very happy as he made room for her on his bed.

We knelt for bed time prayers. It was his turn tonight. After that I got him all cocooned into his bed, and tucked him in nice and snug. I’d loved this day. Helping each other…dancing together! It made me smile staring at his eyes fluttering shut as I recalled the day I’d spent with him. Soon he was fast asleep, yet there I remained till sleep ushered me to my own bed.

Can’t wait for Tuesday when Ballet class starts. He’s gonna make the best ballerina once again.

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