Ballet Class Begins

I laughed when I finished slipping my feet into my shoes and turned around! Low and behold, there was Taelor already dressed up! For a second, I thought he had somehow slept in his ballet outfit, but I recall distinctly tucking him in last night in his purple frills pajamas. He told me how he’d woken up extra early and changed into his ballet outfit. Clearly, he was excited and ready to go to his first Ballet class at Little Toes Dance Academy!

He was wearing his new rainbow leg warmers too. He really loves them, but they didn’t quite match his outfit. Fortunately, I’d bought him a huge number of leg warmers and somewhere in the shopping bags were a pastel rainbow colored pair. I found it and handed them to him. He slipped it on and squealed! They were perfect!

We quickly rushed out. I had packed his sandwich just in case he was too hungry later.

When we got there, class had already began. I quickly slipped into the side booth after kissing him, while he ran up to the center to join the class.

There were other parents in the side booth with me. I saw Kao and Joi’s mommy, Alei. They too were in the ballet class. Everyone looked so so cute. The teacher seemed to be a really good dancer and soon had all the kids doing a simple choreography.

After class, parents could come onto the floor. Alei joined Taelor by the bars and did really well dancing. I think she must have a knack for it, I can’t wait to see her strut her stuff at the Mommy and child class on Sunday.

When we got home, I unwrapped his sandwich and put it on a plate for him. It was Egg Salad. As I was busy in the kitchen, he was upstairs changing out of his leotards into a lovely yellow dress.

We prayed and tucked into our meal. As he ate, I got a call from my realtor. I’d been on the market for a certain property for a certain project I can’t disclose yet. *smirks* Once we were done with lunch, he went up to potty and wash his hands. THEN, we headed on over! 🙂

My realtor, Red Jedda, was there with her sister, Terr. Turns out her sister runs a Ballet studio not far from our house. I might get her to be a private tutor for Taelor from time to time, or perhaps ask if he can practice in her studio. She’s just as nice as her sister. They were sweet to Taelor and even put out this very cool child-friendly park feature just for us! Chances of us NOT taking the property are slim to none. How can you turn down such hospitality?

After some time there, we headed home. His bed time had arrived. After washing up and changing into his PJs, we said bed time prayers and soon I was tucking the little princess boy into bed.

What a lovely day. After all that physical activity – skipping and jumping – at Ballet, there’s no doubt in my mind that his sleep tonight would be sound.


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