Froyo at Tannia’s

I’d  spent the morning potting about with some furniture that needed assembling. I’d been gifted a shoe rack from a lovely little girl, Kaity. That’s what I had been assembling before heading outside to the garden to uproot some weeds.

As I walked back towards the house, Taelor met me at the door. He’d woken up and made his way outside looking for me. I was so happy to see him so bright and early too.

I quickly  up headed back upstairs to show him the furniture I’d assembled and my neatly arranged shoes in my closet. He thought it was super neat. I really wish there was one just like that I could get for his shoes.

After that, I sent him off to get dressed for the day. I did the same also before heading down to get lunch ready. Once he was done, he headed down and in no time lunch was served – Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, mushrooms and a bread roll.

Taelor finally ate his mushrooms all up. When that was finally done, he went up to the potty, before coming back down for us to head out.

Earlier I’d gotten a call from Kaolin about her Aunty Tannia’s new venture. She’d opened a library and Yogurt shop in the Town of Nightingale. Now, usually I only allow sweets and chocolates on Saturdays, but as patronizing a new business is always a special occasion, I decided to make an exception.

Taelor was pretty excited about that as we he made our way walking there. On the way, we went past Roha Park, which was several minutes down the street from our house, and spotted a gorgeous fountain and this beautiful peacock. Taelor fell in love with the fountain, and as for the peacock, he said it was beautiful and it looked like it has many eyes on it’s body. Cool observation too.

Soon we got to the Frozen Yogurt Parlour, and Kao was there with Joi to greet us. Joi just happened to be fast asleep in a big comfy chair, clutching a book in her little hand.

We went on in to get some Froyo (Frozen Yogurt). Taelor had chocolate froyo with rainbow sprinkles; Kao had strawberry froyo with fresh strawberries; and, I had coconut froyo with fudge and chocolate sprinkles.

There were many places to seat, but we decided to go sit outside. It was beautiful in the garden with a fountain too, so really the decision to sit out there was a no brainer. So we took out froyos and made our way to the back.

The froyos were delicious. We ate and talked and laughed as we stuffed our faces.

By the time we were done, it was almost bed time for Taelor, so we had to get going. It was then that Joi came outside. She must have woken up with all the laughter. I’m glad we got to see her before we left.

After all the hugs and kisses, Tae and I set off to go home.

It was a simple yet lovely day. We said prayers and then I, unintentionally, tucked us both into his bed. After watching him drift off, I snuck in later and cuddled him for a while. Wasn’t until about 2 am that I awoke and took myself to my bed.


One thought on “Froyo at Tannia’s

  1. The froyo place was so fun, Mommy! I loved bein’ able to spend time there with you, Kao, and Joi. Thanks so much for takin’ me there!


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