Drop Top Drive

Tick, Tock! Tick, Tock! That was how time flew this beautiful Sunday morning, as I laid in bed getting a few extra hours of rest. I mean, it’s the weekend. Who doesn’t love lying in later at the weekend? Well, to be honest, the weekend doesn’t really make much difference to me when it comes to waking up. Few parents get to lie in bed for endless hours, and I’m no exception. However, this morning I was exceptionally lazy.

It must have had something to do with falling asleep very late the night before. I’d gotten up to take a call from my friend and that call lasted a few hours.

Anyway, I was slowly waking up when there came a tiny knock on my door then I heard my son’s tender little voice asking if I was awake and if he could come in. “Off course”, I said, and in he came. I was so so tired that I didn’t even turn over. He came around to my side and climbed on top of the bed. He stood there a while, grinning his “Good morning” grin, before sitting on the bed with me.

I hugged him and soon we were chatting about how well we’d slept. He noticed that I had the same sleep mask that he did, just mine was cream and his was pink. I pulled the covers to show my slippers, which I’d kept on since my midnight bathroom break, and told him that he must not have noticed that he had one of those waiting in his room.

In a flash he jumped up, ran to his room to retrieve it, then came pitter-pattering back to my room wearing it. It was the exact same, except that once again – mine was cream and his was pink. He loved it.

I gave a big yawn, stretched and propped myself up from the bed, then sat at the edge checking out his slippers. I pinched the tip to make sure his foot was comfortably all the way inside of the slippers, and it was! The perfect size!

After a short while, I got on my feet and took him along in my arms, headed downstairs to make some food.

We finished our meal quickly then both of us went upstairs to wash up, brush and get dressed for the day.

I wore a dress, but then grabbed a jacket out of my closet to wear also. Taelor thought I looked so pretty and of course, as you can imaging, that just made me blush. When I asked him to run up and get a jacket also, he looked very confused and asked whether it was cold today. As a matter of fact, the weather has been slowly edging away from Summer, but it was still pretty warm outside. I just wanted him to bring a jacket because I knew our drive could require it. He still looked puzzled, but went up anyway to get it.

He came down looking so so cute and fashion forward. We then headed on out! Then bamm! SURPRISE! There it was – the rental. It was a convertible. Suddenly it became clear to him the reason for the jacket was to keep warm with all the wind that’d be rushing over us once in motion.

Excited, he was indeed! He slide into his seat from my door, then I got in after. We buckled up but before we moved, we put on our sunglasses! “Super fly” is the best way to describe the coolness that was us. HAHAHA! Zoom! Off we went to explore the town.

We didn’t have a mission for the day, so we stopped at a few places one being the store that can not be discussed before it opens (our secret). We drove on and next we found an awesome building with ballerinas in front of the door. Soon we realized that it was a ballet school – Art Performance Ballet.

The doors were unlocked so we went on inside. It was clear that they were really well equipped, but there was evidence of it still being set up as there were no students on the enrollment board. They had a classroom as well as the necessary ballet equipment for any successful ballet institute.

The owner, Terr Jedda, was nice enough to return my call with answers about the school. Apparently, they won’t be open any time soon and they’ll be accommodating if I want to enroll myself or Taelor. So with it being a short drive from the house, it certainly makes for a great back up ballet school if needed.

Currently, Taelor attends Little Toes Dance Academy and he loves it. They’ll be having a performance soon, and I simply can’t wait for that! I’m excited that they’ll be including parents in that also. We’ve got the first mommy and child class next Sunday.

The day was really wonderful. Being out and about together, we always find and experience the most special moments. Bed time came quickly though. After prayers, I tucked him in and soon he was fast asleep.

One thought on “Drop Top Drive

  1. I loved havin’ a lazy Sunday with ya, Mommy! Even though I love goin’ on adventures too, it’s really nice to just kinda chill and hang out with ya. It was so cool ridin’ inna drop top car with our sunglasses on! It was like, we was movie stars out cruisin’ ’round town. 🙂


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