Business, Banking and Ballet

Today, I got some mail in the post. It was an invitation to the town council meeting that was being conducted early the same day! Heck! I didn’t even know we had a council, but learning of this brought me a ton of joy. It was only in a few hours and Taelor was still asleep!

While I pondered whether I would take him along with me to the meeting or not, I quickly finished my house project of putting up some of our pictures, then I made my rounds on the phone paying a few bills like the house mortgage to TowerRental. After that I hung up, jumped up cooked some lunch for later then got myself showered and dressed.

Somehow, I must have made a lot of noise around the house, because Taelor woke up – early!

I immediately scooped him up and got him to get dressed in a flash. He wore his pretty yellow dress! I packed a snack just in case he wouldn’t make it to lunch, then we headed to the garage to get right into the car.

The drive was a short one. The community center is only a few blocks away on Route 66. I sped a bit, but thankfully the road was clear enough for me to get away with it. As we drove, Tae and I talked a bit about the council meeting. I explained what council meetings were, what they were for, the benefits of them and why it was important that we attend. He listened, nodded then asked me if they’d have cake. *laughs* Naturally, that was the most important thing. Cake!

We finally arrived, I parked up and we went in quickly. We were warmly welcomed when we arrived. I sat next to another member of the community and Taelor sat beside me. I did see two familiar faces – Priscilla Cox (a lady that I’d met and had given me a tour of some of the highlights) and Marianne McCann (a lovely little girl that had been quite helpful in small ways, electronically).

The meeting had already begun, but we quickly caught up on all the news and events coming up eminently in the Bay City. There are numerous projects being improved upon by Michael Linden and the other Moles (a.k.a. infamous Bay City Architects), one of them being the long awaited restoration of the Rollercoaster. I can’t wait for that to be fixed. When I’d brought the kids from the orphanage to the Hippo Park, that was one of the key things that they wished they could use. It was tragic that we couldn’t. To think that it’d be fixed and soon was so so exciting.

It was such a good meeting. We discussed many other things and had a good time laughing. They’re a fairly goofy bunch, and it made for an enjoyable gathering. I even got us invited to a house warming by one of the community members. In such a big city, it’s nice to feel a bit more like a part of a community again.

As the meeting rounded up, I raised my hand and put Taelor in the spotlight by informing the chair of the meeting that Taelor had a question that he’d like to ask. Taelor, naturally, ‘eeep’ed then after a moment of mild blushing, asked about cake! *laughs* Fortunately, everyone agreed that there should be cake with the meetings. Looks like I’ll be bringing that with me each time, but in this instance, they did have cupcakes. Taelor got offered one. Despite my ‘Saturday ONLY for sweets’ rule, I was okay with him having this treat for sitting patiently and being of good cheer during the long meeting. He’s truly such a good boy and deserves all the cupcakes in the world. He just isn’t allowed to have them though!!

We decided to take a drive after the meeting to take in some more of the town. As we drove, we saw a balloon. It was far away, but I could see it. Taelor said I have robot eyes for being able to see that far! *laughs* The balloon looked to be landing so I drove in its direction, chasing after it. We caught it as it landed, hopped out of the car and climbed in.

Soon we were hoisted up on high, floating below the clouds and looking down at the marvelous city in which we live. It was truly a striking view!

When the tour ended, we headed on home for lunch. Before that, I gave Taelor the can of play dough I had bought him. He has a doll castle in his room. His pony dolls live there, and apparently they are usually under attack by a dragon. Well, I made a little kitten out of the play dough for him and he put it in front of the castle. I asked if he’d be their pet or a new friend, but he replied confidently that the kitten would chase away the dragon. Now, there’s nothing I love more than listening to my son work out his imagination, so I mused over his take on things and asked if dragons are scared of cats. He pondered a bit about that. We asked if the dragon perhaps has allergies around cats, but then Taelor quickly stated how it’d be a bad idea if the dragon had cat allergies. Well, you can imagine my confusion. My adult mind couldn’t comprehend how a little kitten could chase away a dragon if at the minimum the dragon wasn’t allergic. He clarified. He said: “Mommy, it’d not be good if the dragon had allergies, because dragons sneeze fire!”

Well duh! How could I have missed that? He was right. He talked on about how the cat could possibly guard the castle, but I must admit that at this point I was still musing over the simple epiphany he’d placed in my lap that I missed what he’d said. I love hearing him talk, and the glimmer in his eyes as he lights up selling his ideas. Ideas he really believes, thanks to the colorfulness of his imagination. It’s like watching a miracle happen, or art being created. My entertainment, certainly.

I managed to pull us out of his toy land of princess ponies, brave kittens, firey dragons and pink castles to go downstairs to plate up his lunch.

The food was put in the microwave to heat up. While it was doing that, I showed him the new pictures of us (some of our memories) that I had put up around the house. He’s only yay high, so I carried him on my hip so he could see all the pictures above his view point. We took time recalling the moments each one sparked. Boy do we have a lot of memories! 🙂

Once we were done walking down memory lane, lunch was served – corn on the cob, grilled buttered shrimp, mini sirloin steak and asparagus. Taelor has no issues eating corn as a “vegetable”. It’s sweet and yummy. Except, it’s not a vegetable in my view. He was made to finish his asparagus. Like the good boy he is, he got it all down! Frowns and all. 🙂

It was almost time for his ballet class at Little Toes Dance Academy, but before class I wanted us to swing by the bank to open an account for us. So he was sent up to get changed into his leotards so we’d go straight from the bank.

He came down looking so cute! Then off we went in the car, down Route 66 all the way to the town of Truro to the Credit Union. It was a long drive, but we finally got there! We were lucky that there was not really a long line.

We went through the drive through at first, I was hoping we’d not need to get out, but the teller had her back to us. She finally said we needed to come in to open an account, and so we did.

It was very easy getting an account here. I took Taelor’s passport for ID, along with mine. After verifying a few things they directed us to the machine to complete the process. In no time, pop! Out came the bank card with Taelor’s name on it. I got one too, with $350 deposited in each of our accounts! Fantastic!

We left quickly to drive to the ballet class, and got there 5 minutes early. I took Taelor’s bag and went off to the booth to join the other parents that were there supporting their child. I saw Hooper and Alei. Was so good seeing them.

The class today was even better than the last, if you can believe that. The teacher announced that there would be a performance soon and each child would participate. I believe in one of the dances, even the parents would participate also. Ms. Tati, their teacher, went on to teach them 5 positions and one of the dance routines for the performance. It was so good seeing the kids learning their steps. I saw my darling niece, Sami, dancing her socks off. Also in class were Kao and Joi. I even spotted Kaity. There was another big kid dancing beside Taelor. She seemed well versed in dance, but had to go home early.

All in all, I watched my son do his dance and be very attentive to his teacher. He learned where he’d have to move to in his dance and when. I’m truly excited to see what more he learns and watch him execute his knowledge with confidence. He’s doing so well. His teacher went out of her way to tell me just how good she felt he was and I couldn’t help but beam with pride! 😀

After class, we headed home. Bedtime was coming, but there was enough time for a story, so I got Taelor to get washed up and ready for bed time with hopes of fitting in a story. We’d been to the book store earlier that week and bought a curious little book about fairies. We figured that’d be perfect to read, so after bed time prayers, we snuggled up and we read the story together.

“How to See Fairies” is what it was called. Did you know that there are so many fairies? That some flower fairies disguise as dandelions when people come around? There is so much to know about fairies and as we read how they live (outside, sleeping on leaves, etc), Taelor asked how come he can’t sleep outside. My darling son believes himself to be part Unicorn, Fairy, Mermaid, Butterfly and Kitten! Heaven forbid anyone who tells him otherwise or they’d have me to face. I LOVE his desire to be so many magical things, and I try never to take it from him at this age. One day when he’s older and his imagination curbs and he stops believing in magic, I’d be so sad. So for now, I encourage all talks and fascinations with fairy dust and sparkly magic.

Anyway, I had to explain that because he has human blood, human blooded fairies have to sleep in beds and near their mommies. My explanation was a lot more extensive than that, and it did the trick. Whew!

I read about 7 pages of the book before I heard him purring softly, his head leaned heavily against my shoulder. My darling was falling asleep. I shut the book and slid out of bed, laid him down gently and covered him up with his duvet. In no time, he was fully asleep. I kissed his eyelids, smiling at the sweet peacefulness sported on his face.


What a great day spent with my angel! ❤

4 thoughts on “Business, Banking and Ballet

  1. The town meetin’ was lots funner’n I thought it’d be! I really din’t ‘spect it to be held out inna park. I loved the ballon ride. Even though it was a lil bit scary, it was lotsa fun! Thanks so much for showin’ me the new pics, Mommy. A couple of the lower ones I’d noticed, but not the ones up high. Goin’ to ballet was so much fun! Thank you so much for goin’ with me. I always feel like I’m glowin’ from the inside out when I see ya smilin’ at me, or when I hear ya cheerin’ be on. You’re really the awesomest mommy ever! 🙂


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