The Lollercoaster is BACK

We love days where we get to wing it and just be! You know? Just live our lives and roll with the punches. Today was one of those such days and it was such a fun fun day!

I’d been up for a few hours sorting through the laundry. I’d just folded my clothes away when I heard Taelor knock on my door. He came on inside and looked just so so sweet in his yellow nightie and big bright eyes. His voice sang a happy “Good morning, mommy”. It’s one of my favorite things to hear.

He gave me the sweetest, warmest hug. I snuggled up close and held him for a long time and talked about our night sleep. As he told me all about it, I played with the curls of his hair. It was clear they’d begun to uncurl and were less spruced up so I decided I’d give him a fresh new do.

We went to my dressing table where I plugged my hand dryer into the wall. I untied the bobbles in his hair and let his pigtails fall to shoulders before shaking his hair out with my fingers. I rubbed some moisturizer and sealant through his hair, before switching on the hand dryer. I ran through his hair continuously with a hair brush as the heat coursed through his hair. In no time, his hair was perfectly straight and light once again.

I then used a comb and parted his hair in half then pulled each half neatly through a hair band, before getting my curling iron and using it on the tips that were dangling down. VOILA! Beautiful! His hair was done! Sometimes a new hair do is all it takes to set your day on a great note.

I scooped him up and down we went to get some lunch. Macaroni and Cheese, with chicken nuggets is what I made. It was a 3 cheese Macaroni and Cheese made with white cheddar, asiago and romano. It was delicious and a hit with Taelor, who loves loves loves cheese.

After lunch, we got in the car to head out. I’d heard news earlier that Lollercoaster, the rollercoaster at the Hairy Hippo Fun Park on Route 66, was finally fixed. We were eager to check it out, so that was where we were headed.

On our way, Taelor spotted a cool statue, so we parked up to check it out. Living in a town where the moles (i.e. the infamous Bay City Architects) are highly revered means that once in a while, you spot a historic site or monument in dedication to them. This was one of those. It was grand and several feet tall. So odd we’d never noticed it before.

After checking out the monument, we continued on our long drive. We got there, parked and made our way to the Lollercoaster. The fun thing about getting there is that we got to pass through parts of the Aquarium. It’s always nice seeing fishes and, to be honest, that structure never fails to impress me.

I got two day tickets to ride the Lollercoaster, so off we went into the car. I secured both of us behind the bars that pulled down to our hips before the car shot forward along the tracks.

It! Was! Awesome! We rode it TWICE!

My friend, Jett, had told me about the movie “Big Hero 6” and had recommended it to us. So on the way home, I decided to swing by our goto video store (Millions Media) to buy it for us. When we got there, there was a red carpet! Oh yeah!

We HAD to walk it. I stood back and cheered Taelor on to walk the catwalk. Him and his fierce self switched along the red carpet doing his version of a catwalk right into the store. I laughed and followed suit. He’s such a good sport!

There we were, looking for the movie but ended up getting 3 others also since they had a 4 for 3 deal. We got Big Hero 6, Boxtrolls, Home and Paddington. Can’t wait to watch them together.

After that, we headed on home to get ready for bed. That night, sleep came quickly for him. The weather is a bit cooler and that makes it so much more comfortable for him to sleep. I hung around as usual, watching over him while curled up in his chair with a book.

Sweet dreams, sweetpea. ❤

2 thoughts on “The Lollercoaster is BACK

  1. Catching up on your blog posts. 😛 I love the Aquarium! Since it’s nearby me I go there quite often for some peaceful ‘zoning out’. And I’m so happy the Lollercoaster is working again! Rode it so many times I lost count! Taelor looks he had much fun!


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