Mommy ‘n’ Child Ballet and Movie Date Night

Taelor woke up really early today and got all dressed up. By the time I bumped into him in the hall way on my way to the bathroom, he was already washed and dressed up.

I headed on down the stairs to go make dinner. I asked Taelor what he fancied and he yelled out “Burgers”! I obliged, naturally and soon we were biting into some really juicy burgers.

During our meal, we talked about onions. Taelor really hates onions. Well the raw ones. No matter how I try to sneak some raw onions onto his plate in hopes that he’ll voluntarily try one. He never does! He will pick it up and move it aside and not eat it raw, even if it’s in a burger. So today we talked about it and I promised that from now on I would steam it since steaming takes away the sting. It’s the peppery sting that he doesn’t like about raw onions.

After our meal and lovely chit chat, we went on back up to get dressed and ready for our very first Mommy and Child class. He looked so so cute as always, and he also really liked my outfit. YAY

We got there and all the usual people were there and then some! Sami’s daddy and papa, Hooper and Zane, were there in their tutus showing the true spirit of fatherhood! There were some other dads there who were also in the same spirit. Mommies, Aunties and even stand in mommies were there, paired up with the kids. Kat and Alei looked so so pretty in their ballet dresses. Like all of the kids, we did our best to look the part.

The class was extremely fun! We danced to a routine that we’re gonna perform together in a few weeks in a recital. I can’t wait to do it. Dancing with Taelor was such an awesome experience for me. I’m so so glad that we can share this type of experience together.

At the end of the class, we went round hugging people good night. It had been a while since I’d seen Hooper. He changed after class and looked really handsome.

We got home in a flash then both scurried up the steps eagerly. Tonight was date night for us! WHOOP WHOOOP! I LOVE Mommy/Son date nights. This date was gonna be movies! We’d gotten some movies the other day at the video store (Millions Media), so today was the day to watch one – Big Hero 6.

Comfy Pajamas with a fancy twist was the dress code for the night, so he and I changed into our night clothes and wore tiaras for that added special twist.

Then I rushed down to get a few packets of popcorn made in the microwave.

In no time the popcorn was done and we were on the couch, sat, comfy, popcorn in lap and movie on PLAY! Whoop! Whooooop!

This movie was amazing! It was sad in many parts but the story in general was a positive and happy one. The ending was happy. Bitter sweet. I’m still sad that his brother died, but besides that the film was a good one. I highly recommend it.

After that we headed back upstairs to get ready for bed time. Taelor used the potty first though, then we said bed time prayers before I tucked him into bed like a snuggled up pretty bug.

What a lovely day spent together, my princess and I.



































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