My Brother Returns Home from Japan

Today was the day. As in THE day!

For weeks, months, no years now, my brother, V, has been away in Japan doing some amazing work. He’s the smart one and really truly into sciences and nature, so much so that he did a degree in something or the other to do with marine life. I can’t ever remember, because it is oh so complicated and brainy, but the bottom line is that he works with sharks, does research and the like. His education sent him across the world to Japan to work while also doing amazing work teaching English on the side.

Basically, my big brother is amazing AND he was FINALLY coming home!

The night before, I was on the phone with him for hours making sure he didn’t forget to pack, didn’t miss his flight, finding out if he had a place to live, what his plans were, who was getting him from the airport, what he’d like to do first, what he’d like to eat first….MY MY MY! To sum up, I was being a nosey and highly excited baby sister.

By morning I slipped out while Taelor was asleep to buy this new dress. I wanted something with a bit of oriental flare to it to welcome him. What can I say, I just was happy!

Fortunately, he was sweet enough to route his flight to arrive at the Bay City airport on the promise that he’d get himself a car and drive off to the town some realtors had brought to his attention.

I broke the news to Taelor soon as he came down and I’d gotten my warm G’morning huggies and kisses from him. He was fully dressed, great energy and roaring to go. It was his ballet day, and fortunately his Uncle V’s flight was going to be arriving after his class. By the time he’d be done with immigration and baggage claim, I felt certain we’d make it there on time.

We arrived at Ballet on time and Taelor quickly fell into his position in class. Today the routine was better mapped out and orchestrated. The kids were much more confident and much better synchronized. They also were following the instructions better. It’s amazing what a bit of practice does. A cool dad even got it all on video tape.

Looking at the way these kids danced now compared to day one is a testimony to the great lessons and the benefits of repetition. I was full of proud watching Taelor, now the only big kid in the class, doing his steps correctly. He moved when the teacher said to move. Dipped when she said to dip. Twirled, spun, jumped…he was a ballerina and I was full of so much pride watching him bloom like a flower.

At the end of class, they did some stretches then someone offered some donuts, but I had to wave Taelor over quickly to keep him from taking one. I really didn’t want him to ruin his dinner, because I knew I had a plethora of meals I’d be preparing for him and his Uncle. After a few minutes we dip out quickly so we could head on out to the airport. Head to the airport, we did.

Getting there in the nick of time, we went in and waited in the lobby till a pool of passengers made their way out as a group. We scouted the crowd for my brother and soon there he was…tall, glorious and in what seemed from a distance to be a dress? I loved it.

He saw us and came closer. It was all I could do to not jump on his back. Taelor squealed and pushed past me to hug his uncle first. That made me giggle. He loves his family so much and I love that about him! He’d not seen his Uncle in much longer than me. When I told him, a few days ago, that his Uncle would be returning to the states he was so happy and kept on reciting how much he could “hardly wait to see him”. His exact phrasing too!

After I got to hug him and we bombarded him with preliminary questions coated in excitement, I took the light hand luggage for him and put it in the car. V put his heavy suitcase above the car then off we went, towards our home. He’d be staying the night to rest, get a hearty home made meal and spend some time with us. He’ll need it for tomorrow’s adventures with his realtor.

Within a few minutes we pulled up into our driveway. We were home! Yay!

Once he came in and exhaled, I suggested that he get freshened up and even get a tour of the house. I volunteered Taelor to do that for me.

While he was showing his Uncle the bathroom and some of the house, I was working hard to whip up a dinner of breakfasts for V, just as he loves. He loves breakfast for dinner, homemade cookies and milkshakes. So I made bacon, pancakes, strawberry pancakes, omelettes, fried eggs sunny side up, breakfast casseroles, toast, french toast, sliced up bananas, blueberries, sliced up strawberries…you name it, I made it. I also quickly baked some sugar cookies and blended double amounts of strawberry into some icecream and milk to make a very rich and yummy strawberry milkshake.

Taelor came down before he did. The grin on that boys face is contagious. He was curious about all the smell, particularly the cookie one. When I told him it was sugar cookies, his eyes got so wide. The idea of sugar on sugar is very appealing to a 9 year old, as you can imagine. I was really happy he could experience such excitement, i.e. the promise of cookies, on a non-Saturday day. We talked about how the day ought to be a holiday since it was such a special day – the day his uncle came home.

As I encouraged his chatter and mused over his ideas, his uncle came down – refreshed. That was when my jaws dropped!

HIS ARMS! Okay, he’s my brother, ladies (and men), please don’t ogle him too much. Eww! But heck, he’s beautiful! And he’s clearly been working out in his time away. The brother that went away was NOT that physically impressive. Nothing was wrong with him before, but with this very clear change from what I saw of him 2 years ago, I couldn’t help but wonder what else about his life had changed in that time.

We sat down to pray then eat! I said grace and happily so. Once we were eating I did try to sniff out whether he had a special ‘someone’. I was trying to figure out the inspiration for his lifestyle change that screamed ‘work out’. He was coy and didn’t get into it much. Naturally, being the sister I am, I was gonna know more by the time it was bed time for Taelor. I am patient 🙂

We ate and chatted, laughed and loved on each other. It was such a good time. V was telling Taelor about his work with sharks and Taelor was asking V so many questions. V managed to share a bit about sharks and somehow likened them in age to dinosaurs. Well! Somehow he managed to get it into Taelor’s head that sharks were dinosaurs with their legs fallen off! Well, at least that’s what Taelor took from it! Clearly they’ll need to talk more on the subject so that my son doesn’t go around believe that dinosaurs still walk the earth. I was just happy with the banter and ate up hungrily while Taelor asked his questions and V was laughing, clearly taken aback by his nephew’s sharp and inquisitive mind.

My phone alarm went off! It was Taelor’s bed time, so I shooed him off the table to go get pottied, washed, brushed and ready for bed time. He scooted off and in that time, I broke the news to my brother about this weekend and my agenda.

This Sunday at 12pm SLT, I’ll be a contestant in the Miss Bay City competition at the Bay City Fairgrounds. I’ve never done anything like it before and was really nervous. However, I lead my life trying to be an example to Taelor. This means that I try to hide all my bad habits and elevate my good habits. I also try to help him see that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him, by believing it myself and taking on things that ordinarily would make me nervous and shy.

Standing up in front of hundreds of people to talk, is nerve racking!
Walking on a runway in a bikini in front of strangers looking at you, is nerve racking!
Having to answer questions you aren’t aware of in advance and do so in a way that is both truthful and eloquent, is nerve racking!

Yet, despite the nerves, it’s doable. With Taelor soon to be doing an on stage performance at ballet, and knowing how he can be in confidence and boldness, I feel an example needs to be set in advance as a reference just in case he comes to me and says anything along the lines of “Mommy, don’t know if I can do it”.

I told all this to my brother and he was ecstatic! He told me how proud he was of me and Taelor also, and that really meant a lot to me.

Out chat moved from that into talks about his love life. As he tried to convince me that he had nothing ongoing, sounds of Taelor’s little pitter pattering of feet drew near. He was in his nighty and looked so adorable but sleepy.

He came to give his Uncle a big warm good night hug, then I scooped him up and went on upstairs with him for bedtime prayers and a snuggly tuck in.

In no time, he was asleep. Usually, I’d spend an hour or so sat by him as he slept, but with my brother downstairs, I slipped out and shut the door ever so quietly behind me.

I found him outside on the porch smoking a cigarette. Oh no! Dun Dun Duuuun! It’d been over 10 years since I’d smoked a cigarette publicly. You don’t know this about me ((unless you read my bio :P)), but over 10 years ago, I lived a very racey lifestyle in the spot light. My modelling career was booming and I was dating a very popular and wealthy man with many bad habits. I had a few too, one was smoking. It was very European and somehow I got into it, but thankfully I never was a chain smoker.

When I moved back to the US, I quit. However, occasionally, I indulge in a light cigarette or two. Socially speaking of course. Now, my son doesn’t know this and hopefully he never will!! ((Well, he will since he’s reading this now LOL, but I assure you Taelor, mommy only just started doing this in secret. And it’s very very bad for you! Do as I say, not as I do. You’re never allowed to smoke, not even at 200 years old :P))

So seeing him smoking out there, well, I bummed one off him and we stood outside, with the door to the house shut behind me so that none of the smell would go inside. We talked for hours till the sun started coming up even.

He told me about his dating and soon we got onto the subject of s.e.x. I freaked out when I’d heard that he had not been safe with someone in Japan. Well, it was his long term boyfriend of 2 years and they were exclusive, but still. The mother in me was panicked and immediately I texted my doctor friend about it.

Now as I texted him, my brother had no idea. Once I’d gotten the go ahead to come along, I convinced my brother that we were going somewhere else, but we ended up at the hospital on the Navy base not far from our town. He was mortified, but I didn’t care. We were here and he was gonna get tested! YAY

Embarrassed, he went on in with the doctor and I hung back, waiting patiently.

I must have waited for a whole hour and got really bored. I started looking around. The hospital is on a really cool compound. I walked about, checked out random equipment and read the paper.

Suddenly I began hearing shouts coming from the area my brother had been taken. They kept on coming. A bang then a shout. It was getting louder and more painful to hear. It was clearly my brother that was being hurt, and I was so upset and worried.

There was no way I could stay out of it, I rushed in and demanded to know what was going on. He had only come for a blood test and checks, there was no reason why he ought to be getting hit. Then I saw the hammer-like device gripped in his hand of the doctor. He was directing it in the area of my brother’s groin. That visual was insane to my mind. “WHAT THE DEVIL WAS GOING ON HERE”, I demanded. It looked like some medieval form of treatment was being administered.

I honestly was too upset and didn’t get what was happening when both the doctor and brother burst into laughter. I was quite unamused. It turns out that they were pranking my. My brother put the doctor up to pranking me by administering an old school treatment that was directed at bursting blisters with a hammer-like device in the groin. It was not funny. I truly thought I was going to smack someone and call the lawyer. To find out that it was a prank to get even at me for bringing him in for a check made me want to just bite him. Alas, I guess I deserved it a little. Pfft.

This only spurred me on to tell the doctor all the gory details that had been told to me. I mean, look at him!

He’s so handsome! He’s been getting far more attention than he’s letting on. The doctor took my side and gave my brother the longest lecture on sexual responsibility and STDs. I nearly died laughing on the insides as I watched my brother’s face turn red getting spoken to as if he was a teenager all over again. Mission accomplished! 😀

Thankfully, my brother was in great health. Bloods will be back in a few days but every other physical check was clear. WHEW! ~PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – STDs are real (even in SL lol). Use protection or abstain or get married, stay married and be faithful.~

We headed on home and both of us were exhausted by now.

After hugging goodnight, I helped him pull out the sofa bed. He collapsed into it, then I headed on up, changed into my PJs and dove under my covers.

What an amazing day! *sighs* My son is in his room. My brother is downstairs on the sofa bed. What more could a girl need?


3 thoughts on “My Brother Returns Home from Japan

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  2. So cool your brother returning home from Japan. If I was there, I’d never leave! Your brother is a good trickster, I like him! }:->


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