Hot Bay City Nights 2015

The last few days have been really busy with my brother coming into town from Japan. He’s been gone a few years, so Taelor and I were so excited to pick him up from the airport last night.

As you know, I’d spent the day making a myriad of breakfasts and cookies, then spent all night up with him talking about everything he’d been doing. We even made a late night trip to the hospital. By the time I went to bed it was LATE and I was super exhausted. So Taelor and I slept in quite a bit (aka. RL called :P)

When I finally woke up, it was past 7 pm. I knew I had only about an hour to get my car washed at the free Car Wash being held at this year’s Hot Bay City Nights. We’re only a couple of months new in the Bay City, so attending this was so important to me for many reasons.

Rumor has it that it is a charity event orchestrated to support Child’s Play, a charity providing toys and games for children in hospitals around the world. There was no way I was gonna miss it! I needed to find out if it was true and how I could help.

So off I went! I jumped in the car and, late or not, made my way down the 66 making a few wrong turns along the way. I finally got to the Bay City Fairgrounds! WOW!

The energy was electric. The crowd all had smiles on their faces – dancing in the soaked street with soapy water being flung here and there, hoses on full blast and a line up of both clean and dirty cars. It was magic!

I loved being here and loved all the more that the cause was such a good one! A cause I really could get behind as I love children so much (at least I do in SL). Without hesitation, I emptied the coins in my change tray into the donation box then pulled up to get my car washed.

My car got the best work done – in my opinion. Priscilla had promised it to me and boy did she not lie. A lovely lady named Rachel, I think, worked on it mostly and soon it went from drab to fab!

I parked it then got out to join the fun and help wash the car after I got to look around at all the awesome cars on display. These cars are amazing and, thankfully, for SALE. You can get one of these fancy rides if you hurry and get here by Sunday, September 20th 2015.

There’s also going to be another car wash, so if your car gets a lot of mileage and gets filthy like mine does from overuse OR even if you just want your already clean car nicely detailed, bring it on down on Saturday at 1 pm SLT. Join the fun and, if you can, help the charity! Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a good time with some really amazing people, the citizens of Bay City.

I rode home with Priscilla when it was all over. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hot Bay City Nights 2015

  1. Super funs driving you home in my VW van! You were awesome at the carwashes Belle and so glad you came! Rachel did a fantastic job on making your car squeaky clean. She is the best! ^_^ And Hot Bay City Nights came up with L$60,000+ for Child’s Play charity. For the kids! \o/


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