Telling Taelor about Miss Bay City 2015

So about a week ago, I heard about the Miss Bay City competition. It took a few days before I decided that I would throw my hat in the ring. I’d been in mixed minds about it because I don’t particularly like the lime light, and I don’t really like being applauded for my looks. However, I see there’s much more to it than vanity and those other elements are my reason for entering.

Taelor didn’t know yet, so this morning I’d been trying on so many items of clothing to pick the right bathing suit for the contest. In the midst of trying them on, I was also going about the house doing house work. Somehow I’d lost track of time and suddenly Taelor was awake and downstairs looking at me with a puzzled face as I stood in the living room, decked out in beach wear.

He greeted me as if he wasn’t full of questions, and I laughed, hugged him and kissed him a warm g’morning greeting.

At that point I preempted the conversation about being super dressed. He said I looked pretty and ready to go to the beach. I’m sure he was wondering if we were going, so I decided I’d quickly address the subject of pageants on the couch.

I asked if he knew what a pageant was and he said it was when you get to have a baby. Well, clearly my little precious gem seemed to have confused ‘pageant’ with ‘pregnant’, but that’s what mommies are there for, to correct. And so I did. I explained what a pageant was and likened it to the Miss America pageant he’d heard about.

By the end of explaining, he was really excited, bouncing on the sofa and hugging me. He likes the idea of me being Miss America, even though I had to keep reminding him that it’s Miss Bay City, not Miss America. He does seem excited at the chance Miss America will come, and who am I to dash his hopes. My son never lets go of a simile! The mention of Miss America in my analogy has forever burned the concept of Miss Bay City as the same. *laughs*

Ultimately, I’m doing this for him, to set an example. Although he doesn’t know that yet, I’m sure he will see that clearly one day when he needs to reach for strength from it. But for now, he’s just excited that his mommy gets to dress up, do a fancy walk, possibly get a lot of flowers and perhaps win a crown. *laughs then sighs contently*

After talking about it for a good while, we headed on up so he could wash up and get dressed. He also got to open his presents. I’d been to the shops and got him two things: a Polaroid camera and a walkman. Both YELLOW! 😀

I told him that he could even use his new camera to take pictures of me come Sunday’s contest. It was then that he said something that was of concern to me.

People who know us and our history may recall that my son would take pictures and write himself little stories about his day. He would do this so simply and I found it to be the most beautiful thing in the entire world. In fact, I’d even say he is the reason why I was inspired to write about my days. So when I handed him the camera and he referenced his picture taking skills in a substandard fashion, it hurt me. Hurt me to hear him think that he’s less than what he is – amazing.

I quickly wagged my finger at him telling him not to say that any more, then handed him 5 blank Polaroid films and tasked him with the project of taking 5 pictures for me. Sort of like homework. I promised that we’d hang the pictures up in the house too, because I’ll be damned if I sit and watch my son doubt the very thing that I find to be inspiring about him. We all have gifts, and it’s my job to showcase his to him when he forgets. And clearly, he has forgotten.

After our little pep talk, I let him get changed and changed out of my competition attire also. Then I went down to get lunch on the table.

I’d made burritos again, but I learned from the first time to not bother making any guacamole. Instead I made a yummy salsa. I also made a smaller burrito rather than the huge one I’d made before. There was also no hot pepper in sight this time. Taelor was a happy camper as he ate his lunch after we’d said grace.

We chatted a bit before bed time hour crept in on us, so we went up to get him ready for bedtime and prayers.

Today was a very short and simple one, but I felt it was a significant day with lots of lessons in esteem and believing in yourself. As he slept, I prayed over him and watched him sleeping,

He means everything to me.


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