Pride Goeth Before The Fall

Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!

Today was particularly strange! Sort of…well…Not at the beginning.

The start of the day was fairly normal. My little butterfly fluttered into my room when he woke up and gave me all my yummy huggies and kisses! He’d slept well and was in good spirits.

I had been up for a little while working on my xxxx (secret surprise) when he came in brightly. Earlier that morning, I’d been on the phone with my sweet friend, Ayame, talking about the Bay City Activity Center and the activities in which I could participate. She also talked to me about the Little “Miss” Bay City competition. We talked about it a short while, but the bottom-line is that I will be involved.

We also talked, very lightly, about Taelor’s willingness to participate also. I truly didn’t have an answer just then. Don’t get my wrong, I would LOVE nothing more for him to have fun gaining that experience. Not only would he get to play “dress up”, but he’d get flowers! Least I’d get him flowers! However, knowing my son, the idea of competing with others (and hurting their feelings) not to mention being asked questions ON STAGE, I was unsure whether he’d be willing to bite the bullet even with all of my persuasion.

I hung up thinking and praying that once Taelor woke up, he’d be open to the idea.

So you can imagine my joy when he agreed while we chatted casually in my room. He admits to being nervous, particularly with the questions, but he seems very keen on taking a brave step! I could NOT be more proud of him! I just couldn’t!

Being newly appointed as an “ambassador”, in a sense, for my beloved Bay City is still fully sinking into my head. Not because of the immense pride I feel getting involved and learning more about the nuances of our new home town, but because of the thing that happens next.

While chatting, we heard sirens!

We live in such a quiet neighborhood, and there has been no sign of crime or incident – ever! Thankfully! So you can imagine how we worried when the sound of the siren got closer..Closer..CLOSER!

I grabbed Taelor in my arms and headed downstairs, both of us were perturbed!

The sound was coming from the back door, so I headed to the kitchen, opened the back doors and stepped outside to have a look!

What did we see? The Sheriff!

Slim, the Sheriff, is one of the lovely citizens in our city that we’d met at the Alliance meeting. He’s very passionate about the city, and clearly about checking on who he coined “Celebrity” – me.

Me! Me? Yes, I’m very confused and not entirely excited about being elevated. It’s not really in my nature to embrace spotlight, so I really sort of glazed over when he called me that!

His reason for coming over, sirens BLAZING and ALL, was that as the Peace Officer (not police officer – cute) his responsibilities extended to ensuring that “Miss” Bay City was safe in her home!!!

He said that! YES! I would have turned red if I weren’t black! What on earth! Apparently, I was to be escorted by police motorcycle if I wish to commute anywhere and these security checks would become a thing to adjust to during my “reign”.

Well! I looked to the boy firmly clung to me and balanced on my hip. What was a concerned frown earlier had turned into a grin. I guess he likes that his mom is being treated so nicely. I’ll admit it, it’s kinda cool, but I don’t want to get use to it nor do I ever want it to get in my head. Being humble is something I guard and I pray that no matter what they throw at me or honor me with, I shall remain my good ol’ fashioned Belle.

We mused all through about the sheriff as we ate our lasagna for lunch!

It was delicious and this time I’d steamed the onions so Taelor HAD to eat it. He didn’t complain much. It was different and he stuffed the onions in between his lasagna to mask the taste. Oh well, at least he ate it. That’s all I care about. Variety is key in life, experiences AND vegetables. 😀

Bed time came quickly and soon he had brushed his teeth, used the potty, washed up and was ready to be tucked into bed after we prayed.

As he slept, I sat down and gazed at him, pondering on the day, past week and weeks ahead. What a splendid day it had been!

No matter the glitz and glam from popularity, I’m so glad that the things I value the most remain unchanging. I relish my simple life. The life where the most pleasurable thing is being true to my faith, caring for my son, loving on my friends and family and being kinds to my neighbors.

2 thoughts on “Pride Goeth Before The Fall

  1. I hope lovely Taelor enters Little Miss Bay City contest! A Mommy and son duo! Glad Slim is around keeping you safe too! Pretty so there’s going to be a posse forming to guard ya. 😛


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