Uncle V’s Surprise!

Today I finally got an email notification about my account receiving a deposit that had been wired from Japan. It was explained that it had been wired days before but needed time to clear.

My brother V had sent us some money and made me promise to not spend it on rent or anything “responsible”. He insists it ought to be used for a shopping spree. Easy enough for most, but for me – very very hard.

My idea of a shopping spree involves spending the money on clothes for my son, but he thought of that too and sent Taelor some money through me also! Bugger!

We’re so so lucky. Now Taelor has some money, especially with the weather turning slowly. It’s really fortunate for me that he has this money. Means he has enough to buy fall/winter clothes without me having to pay for them for a while. I am so so so happy!

So there I was, in the middle of working on xxxx (the secret) but dropped it to cycle to the bank to get the deposit in cash. Once I was done with that, I swung by Ayame’s house. She has the most lovely home, full of charm. I was so excited to visit. There were boxes everywhere and still lots of wet paint here and there. I can imagine that it’ll look phenomenal once she finishes with the relocating and decorating.

We chatted a bit about The Bay City Activity Center. More of what we’d talked about the day before over the phone.

After that, I rushed home in time to be there when Taelor woke up! Fortunately, I got there on time to put my money in the safe and Taelor’s on his table. Then, I spent some time working on my xxxx (the secret) while he was still asleep. I stepped out to the garden for a break when he woke up and headed down to find me.

I got my good snuggly hugs, of course! YAY!

We talked a little while. He’d not slept very well, but was putting on a brave, big boy face. I cuddled him, talked to him and prayed for him (in my heart) as we talked. This was before I brought up one other “small” thing that POSSIBLY could cheer him up – Uncle V’s surprise!

I put him on my hip and headed to his room to look at what was there on his dresser!


He’d never seen so much money all together at once before and was super excited. I quickly told him to put it in his piggy bank right away so that it’d be safe. He yelped, still beaming in excitement, and announced that he’s gonna need another piggy bank cause this one was stuffed full! 🙂 How nice a problem to have, huh?

Anyway, once he was done force feeding his piggy bank, he rushed to his desk, plopped down and began sending instant messages on his computer to his Uncle. It was so cute watching him beaming and single finger typing away. I sat down to wait and watch while I used his phone to make a few calls.

Once we were done, he and I had a lunch picnic in my room as I showed him my xxxx (the secret). He really liked them and gave me some more brilliant ideas to incorporate. I really can’t wait to announce the surprise and share it with the world.

Bed time soon came. He was really excitable and I had to put away all the distractions so he could go get ready for bed.

After he’d used the potty, washed up and brushed his pearlies, we said bed time prayers and soon tucked him into bed.

He was asleep in a flash, and I soon was also. It’d been a busy day, but such a good one.


2 thoughts on “Uncle V’s Surprise!

  1. /me Looks forward to what you and Ayame got going on in the BC Activity Center! Going to have to sneak in and bug your house to reveal those “secrets”! j/k xD


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