Demolition Derby @ Bay City Rumble

Earlier in the week, I’d attended the Bay City Alliance meeting and learned that there would be their reoccurring Rumble event on Thursday – today. The event, Bay City Rumble, wasn’t the typical races they normally do. They were doing a demolition derby, and thankfully, I didn’t have to use my own car for it. Cars were provided by the amazing ADudeNamed Anthony, owner and creator of Primtastic Creations and 2Zm Motors. If you haven’t checked out his amazing bikes and very well built, easy to drive cars… you are out of the loop! Fix it. 😛

In any case, I promised that I’d be there and would bring my son, Taelor, along too.

So today, after I got my sweet hugs and kisses from Taelor…

…and we’d had some delicious lasagna and salad for lunch…

We set off on our way!

I took a moment to show Taelor the new car in our drive way. It is an exclusive Jaguar (also created by Anthony), gifted to me as part of my winnings for having won the “Miss” Bay City 2015 contest. It’s a very fancy and expensive car. I remember many years ago, during my time in UK mingling with the rich and famous, a few of Aziz’s friends had one they’d paid a pretty penny to own. However, my lifestyle is far more homey than it was back then. I never drove one of these or even fathomed owning something so flashy. It’s very beautiful. I just hope no one robs me thinking I’m rich because of it.

So after musing over our fancy new ride, we headed on out to the Bay City Fairgrounds for the Derby.

We got there and it had already began. It was crowded. Packed with so many happy, beautiful Bay City Residents watching. Tae and I walked on the side of the grounds, avoiding getting hit by any of the cars. I then hoisted him up so he could sit down, before pulling myself up and sitting beside him. We had a great view.

For the next few minutes we saw cars zooming, crashing…bits of car parks flying across the grounds, with screeching and crashing sounds as a back drop. The dust in the air was ripe with car fumes and smoke from the occasional car catching fire. It was a real demolition derby, and everyone was having a great time.

There were so many familiar faces too. Soon there was a cheer for me (“Miss” Bay City) to participate. Reluctant, because of the recklessness of it, I slid down and marched through the muddy grounds and slipped into one of the cars. I’ll admit, living a very safe life made this a bit nerve racking. Particularly as my son looked on and I didn’t want him to worry. Having fun can be dangerous, but it’s always good to try new things and be fearless. The inner daredevil in me stepped up as I turned the ignition on and began revving the car.

Off we went! By the time this round was over, I made it out and rushed back to Taelor. I had not won, but I was happy.

I nudged Taelor to give it a try, and thankfully he went for it. He drove and drove like a Pro!

By the time the dust settled, his was the only car left standing. He’d won his round. I was so proud and nearly feel off the wall clapping for him. I may have stared at him for a while after I got him back on the wall. *beaming with pride*

Several other rounds happened with us watching. It was really cool seeing everyone get so involved and into the fun. I was persuaded to try one more time, so off I went.

What would you know, I won! My car burst into flames soon as I stepped out of it, but still, I had won.

Little did I know that they would ask all the winners of each round to embark on a final clash. The term “Clash of the Titans” comes to mind. I got Taelor into a Yellow car, and I entered the Purple one. I figured being in our favorite colors might give us some luck.

So, off we drove at the end of the count down. Driving recklessly on purpose till the air was full of dust and smoke. I couldn’t see for half of the time. My wind shield wipers were working double time as I crashed into cars and sometimes even the wall. I’ll admit, I had my eyes shut for most of the carnage and just held my foot down on the pedal.

Finally I stopped and looked out the window. I was the last one standing! I had won the final tournament!  Would you believe that? Who would have thought that prissy little me could win a mud flinging, car bashing, danger sport? I still believe it was a fluke, but all that matters is just how much fun it was for me, Taelor and everyone else.

Night time had slowly crept in, so we headed on home once that was over.

Taelor got changed into his PJs, then once we’d prayed and thanked the Lord for a wonderful day, I tucked him into bed.

What a fun day, adrenaline day. We’re still the Mistwallowers! 😉

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