Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away!

Waking up today was easy! I was up, EARLY! Excitement was coursing through my veins, so much so that I even forgot to call my sister, Catarina back. I’m a bad sister sometimes *sighs*

My brother, Shakespeare, and his lovely wife, Max, had invited us sailing for the day. I’d promised that I’d pack us some food and drinks, so I was up very early to make some pizza and pack it away in the Tupperware.

As I was packing up the picnic basket with the food, Taelor skipped on into the kitchen, dressed in his pretty pink dress. I got in my hugs and told him the good news.

He’s not really gone sailing before. We’ve both been on a boat before, but not out in the ocean in the middle of no where. I was excited for him to experience it, and so was he.

He asked if his dress was alright and although it was, I wanted him to wear something he’d not mind getting wet. He mentioned a pirate outfit, but as he didn’t have one. *laughs*

When he came down wearing his bumblebee tankini top and these really cute yellow shorts, I gushed. He looked just so absolutely cute. I did quickly send him right back up to get his sunglasses, after all … WE WERE GOING SAILINGGGG! Whoohooo!

I grabbed the cooler I had filled with ice and drinks, and off we went to my brother’s dock to board the Yacht.

We arrived to big smiles from Max. She helped Taelor into the boat while I lugged the cooler and picnic basket into it. Soon as we were settled in, my brother set sail.

It was quite amazing. I had no idea where we were or where we were going, but my brother seemed to know. So we just sat back, relaxed and looked around as the sea mist settled on our skin as we ploughed through the waves.

We saw evidence of what we thought was a sunken ship, but soon discovered it was a crashed plane. There was a monster on the island with the crashed plane, so we didn’t dock. But thankfully we saw a few other boats that had docked there and figured they’d be able to help. We also spotted a submarine as we sailed by the island.

As we sailed on, we went past a small planes airport. We even saw a few take flight. One nearly hit our Yacht, but we were lucky. My brother is very good at sailing, so we were pretty safe.

Sailing was absolutely relaxing. During some of it, Tae and I went down into the boat. I hadn’t fed him at all all morning, so I needed to give him a little snack. I heated up a mini pizza bite. It wasn’t anywhere near an actual meal, but it was snack enough to tide him over.

We went back up where he ate his snack as we watched more go by. We sailed by a very beautiful Yacht club, but didn’t stop to look at it. Maybe one day, Tae and I will come back and see what Yacht Club life is like. Perhaps we will on a gulf day. I’m itching to have one of those.

We saw many islands, and so many beautiful homes and cottages along the way. If we could, we would have docked at each spot. Alas, my brother had a destination in mind, and I was excited to see.

Tae and I even laid out on the deck as we sailed. It was so relaxing, and I’ll even admit it was also sort of luxurious. 😀

Finally, we arrived. After we all got out of the Yacht and my brother had received his Taelor huggies, we walked for a bit, stopping once at a fountain for a break.

Taelor sat leaned up against his Uncle. It was so cute. It was like his uncle was the back of a chair for a moment, and judging by the grin on his little face, it was clear he was having fun playing with him. Shakes loves his nephew a lot, so I know it was mutual. Like little peas in a pond.

In no time, we got back to walking till we got to the picnic spot!

I remember a loud squeal then a Taelor zooming past me to the center of the picnic area, then blurting out “BUTTERFLIES”. Yup! There were butterflies and that was that. HAHAHA

As he played with the butterflies, I unpacked our lunch. It was a perfect spot. The water was right there, and we even spotted a few boats sailing by from time to time. It truly was beautiful.

We said grace then ate together, cookies too.

After that, we found some smaller boats! Taelor and I rode in one, while Shakes and Max rode in another. The sun was already setting. Nevertheless, soon we were back on the ocean and sailing where the wind took us.

We stumbled upon another airport, only this one was very familiar. It was the Hollywood Airport. Many months ago, we’d been passengers on a flight that stopped here for us to take a transfer. It was nice getting to arrive at its shores via another mode of transport.

We floated there in limbo for a while. Long enough to spot a war ship sail by. This thing was incredible!! I’ve never seen an operational ship so big before.

After hanging around for a while, we sailed on till it was dark. Night had come, but the most unbelievable moon shone big, bright and yellow as we rested in limbo. We all just stared for a while, listening the the lapping of the ocean against our boats, smelling the salty air and relishing the fresh breeze. It was bliss.

As bed time drew near, we decided to say our good nights. We docked and made our way home with enough time to promise a bed time story. Taelor loves bed time stories and it’s really been a while since I told him one.

So once we got home, was done changing into PJs and we were done saying Nite Nite prayers, I grabbed a story from my Nigerian folktale collection, then shared a story I’d been told by one of the village elders many years ago when I was his age. It was called The Tortoise with a Pretty Daughter.

He liked the story, despite the unfairness and silliness of the king. Once it was over, he managed to get a moral from the story. To paraphrase, he took away that sometimes you can make a silly decision, but when someone comes and points out how wrong you are, be willing to change your mind and reconsider for a better decision. I think that’s his way of saying not to be prideful.

I just love my son’s mind. ❤

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