Espresso Yourself and Ballet

So many of you may not realize that every first Tuesday of the month at 6pm – 8pm SLT, a group of poets, story tellers, comedians, singers, and all together good people gather at one of Bay City’s favorite landmarks, The Pen.

Located in Bay City – Mashpee, The Pen, a reputable cafe and open mic venue, offers an extensive menu that goes beyond the delicious treats, like cupcakes and cappuccino, to a plethora of other verbal treats that enrich the friendly audience during the Espresso Yourself! Check out the menu inworld!

As you all know, every Tuesday at 6:30pm, my son has Ballet classes. It’s something we’ve worked our schedules to fit, so when I discovered that Espresso Yourself falls on the first Tuesday of every month, my heart sunk! Besides being a mother, I’m working really hard on a secret project. It takes up so much of my time, but I’ve been making an effort to be a part of all things in my new home town. I love the community, so I really do try. That’s why it broke my heart to learn that there was a good chance I wouldn’t be able to attend and less of a chance that I’d get to participate.

On this particular Tuesday, I decided to give it a good go. I truly hate interrupting gatherings and hate even more being the first to leave, particularly such events that are fun and promote expression. Alas, with my priorities firmly in place, I knew what I had to do.

Soon as the time struck 6, I was there, sat down and ready. Taelor was still asleep. Although I felt a bit guilty that I would not be there when he wakes up, I knew in my heart that he would understand. I never am missing when he wakes up, so I knew he’d know it was an exception and not mommy’s new way.

Before it began, I heard chatter around the room and discovered it was Anthony’s birthday. If I’d known, I would have brought cake. [ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY! 😀 ]

Marianne, in her hippy, new age get up, was on stage. I just love that kid. She’s a walking talking canvas and she just makes me laugh without realizing that she does.

There was such a good turn out. It was like being around family. I saw so many familiar faces.

Micha got up to do a joke…followed by Pygar, who also got up on stage to Espresso himself.

That was when my phone rang. It was Taelor. 😀 He was wondering just where his mommy had gone and soon as he’d rubbed his eyes and gotten changed, he hopped into the taxi I had sent for him.

He walked in and sat beside me in his Ballet outfit. It was now 6:25pm, so I knew we wouldn’t get to hear much more being Espressoed. 😦

When Pygar was done, we applauded. He’s such a dapper looking young angel boy, that one.

He climbed back up to the stool he had been on prior and as he did, I rose up and quietly excused myself and Taelor from the event. Although I was sad to be leaving, I was very glad that I at least got to enjoy SOME of the fun. Fingers crossed there will be other options for date and time for this, but without that I’m glad that I can at least turn up for 30 minutes worth of Espresso every first Tuesday. You should come too!

We left and soon arrived at the doors of Little Toes Dance Academy. Taelor rushed in. We’d made it in at exactly 6:30pm, and all the kids were already lined up.

I saw and hugged my nephew Siddy who had turned up as a surprise. He was joining ballet too. His leotards weren’t sitting well with him though. He kept digging into his butt, pulling on the tight fabric. It’ll take some getting use to, but for the most part he was excited and ready to go.

Ducking behind the windowed barrier, I saw Hooper and other parents proudly gazing at their children on the floor. I joined in, my gaze fixed on Taelor but occasionally dashing from my niece, Sami, to my nephew Siddy.

Class began! Taelor danced his heart out, like an angel. He made so few mistakes as he did.

Siddy darted about too, learning very quickly even though he did stop a few times to be a goofball as he lost focus. What do you expect from a 4 year old though. *laughs*

Sami, who has been attending class for as long as Taelor, was doing great too. It was such a joy watching her.

Taelor did so many moves I can only day dream about pulling off. It’s amazing how limber he is now after just a few weeks of class. I’ve never felt more proud of a person in my life.

After class, Ms. Tati gathered the class around. She said there was an announcement that would be coming from Taelor. As I stood behind the booth with the parents, I will admit, I was shocked. Taelor had something for the kids? I had no idea he’d been working on anything for them.

As I listened and discovered he was making something that’d greatly benefit all the little dancers. I was stunned! What a lovely gesture from him to his classmates. I’m sure he worked really hard on it. I know how much Ballet means to him and how much he likes his classmates. Despite being the only big child in the class, he’s not ever been made to feel out of place.

Ms. Tati offered all the kids treats, so we went to the lobby where we said our goodbyes and then Taelor got himself a juicy big candied apple to go home with. 😀

We got home and I sent my little Eintein up to change out of his Ballet outfit. He took a while coming downstairs, so I went up and found him on his bed. He was a little tired, so I sat with him a while.

When he was feeling a bit better, I decided we would pack up the food and go eat out in the garden. A little fresh air goes a long way to making a person feel a bit more energized. So we did. Instantly, he was spruced back to life and we talked a lot about all sorts, including the secret I have in store for you reading this 😀

In no time, day turned to dusk and dusk to night. Bed time was here, so we headed back to the house where he got ready for bed.

After prayers, I tucked him in and in no time, my energetic little butterfly was at peace and soon drifted off to sleep.

What a lovely day indeed.

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