Exploring the Garden Maze at Falconmoon

What began as a silly bid to get a bit of land to add to my prim count quickly turned into a passion project to add to my lovely community in the Bay City.

I contacted my Landlord and soon there I was with the space. Flat and green. Soon, with soil and hedges, it turned into what it is now. The Garden Maze at Falconmoon.

However, there is more than what meets the eye to this place. It is a maze of hedges and doors.

The maze has an entrance and an exit. There is a garden in it somewhere, and, for the sake of dialing for help, a pay phone. The pay phone rings from time to time with informants trying to give you tips on how to find the secret passage. Don’t listen to them if they call, they’re breaking the law by giving you clues.

Anyway, as I was saying, there is a phone. There is also a DOOR. It is secret, but finding this door is the way to so much more. I recommend finding it authentically, as the thrill doing that is extreme!

I was excited to show Taelor this maze as a lot of the ideas behind it was inspired by him. You might not know this about Taelor but he is FULL of ideas. I’d even go ahead and say that every good thing I’ve created has been inspired by one of his ideas to me. He is officially my idea machine!

So after greeting G’morning…

…and having dinner…

…and taking a few minutes hanging out together and playing the piano…

…we set off to the Maze.

Getting there, there was a young boy there already by the gate. He looked about Taelor’s age and had a cool cat. I didn’t really want to say much to him. He was a child and alone. The last thing I wanted was to make him nervous. Fortunately he spoke first asking if it was alright to go in, to which I affirmed that it was.

Taelor and I went on in and on multiple occasions we would bump into the young boy.

It was clear that he too was in search of the secret door, but he seemed shy to ask to tag along, so we carried on exploring separately…for now.

Taelor was so cute. He pulled on the nose of the Alice statue, tugged on branches, looked behind trees, pushed stones….he was searching for the secret passage way very eagerly, but seemed to be having a lot of fun at the same time. We stopped sometimes to rest and also for water.

We found the garden, which Taelor LOVED. We also found the phone and Taelor even answered it a few times, but each time it was someone else and not the people with the tips on where to find the door. We were left to figure it out ourselves.

So on and on we went until finally, we went down a small path we thought we had been on before. It felt a bit like it should lead somewhere but it didn’t. At least not until he pushed on the hedge and discovered it wasn’t just an ordinary fixed hedge. This hedge gave way on a gentle push and glided out to reveal a secret space to the DOOR!

The little boy and his cat, Kitty, turned up just as the hedge was moving. The noise it made was quite noticeable. He then introduced himself as Salem.

He gasped along with Taelor and soon they were eagerly lined up in front of the door, knocking and wanting to go through. And go through we did.

It was Heaven, surely. The boys mused about how it was where the weather was made. It was kinda fun hearing Taelor banter with this little new friend. We know little about him, but he seems nice. Fingers crossed he’ll become a good friend to Taelor. He deserves one of those to make some mischief with.

So off we went down the hall, beholding so many doors, while the songs of angels filled the air.

We went from door to door, walking through and winding up no where different. So we split up and each of us walked from door to door, eager to find the way until finally…the right door.

All of us walked through and then there we were….the end that had…. dfdffdgfgdfg ((stuff you will have to go and see to know about :P))

It was fun. The boys got xsdsfdfdf and xdfsdfsdf. Things that you cannot give away. Exclusive things for those who decide to take the challenge themselves.

The boys were full of excitement and laughter at the very end. Then the boys began talking about sharing toothbrushes with the cat, and hair falling out, and cat languages, and butterfly languages and fairies…. Yes…they talked a lot as we head on out and towards my home. I’d invited Salem to come with us as we ran some errands, and he agreed. He was excited to go ride in a car, which was kinda fun to see. Taelor and him talked the whole way. It was refreshing.

On the way there, I realized we didn’t have enough time to complete the errands, so after dropping Salem off, we headed home to get ready for bed. ((aka, I crashed, Sim crossing booted both the boys off, and after a relog, I realized it was near Taelor’s bed time so the errands need to be postponed 😀 ))

Taelor brushed, pottied and washed up then got changed into his bed time clothes. Once that was done, we headed on to his room for bed time prayers. It was his turn. We prayed together and after that I tucked him into bed. His prayer tonight was sweet and insightful. I really enjoy listening to it, but probably not as much as God does.

What a lovely day with many nice surprises. Good night, my butterfly. Sweet dreams! ❤

Visit the Garden Maze in Falconmoon.

Turn on Sound
Use Advanced Lighting if you can
Enable Parcel Windlight.
Turn off Music/Media
Click things. 🙂
Have fun, be merry and share with a friend.

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