Pizza at Moose Beach

I got a ding on my door while I was doing some work in my room. Taelor was still asleep, but I was sure that the bell would wake him up.

When I got to the door, it was a pizza delivery man. My brother Shakespeare had sent us pizza! How sweet of him, right? He knows how to be a big brother, I tell ya!

I quickly put it in the oven to retain some heat. Taelor loves pizza and by the looks of it, this one had double cheese on it.

Despite being up early, I was still in my PJs. I’d washed up and brushed my teeth, but I didnt yet feel like changing since I was engrossed in the work I was doing. Soon I heard Taelor’s door open and his little feet pattering from his room to mine. What a joy seeing him wake up each day. Makes me the happiest ever.

I got my very snug morning hugs and felt really good! After a few moments, I told him that his Uncle Shakespeare had sent us some delicious pizza then announced that we could make our way to the beach to have our pizza there. He was excited on both counts, then asked whether we could ride our new tandem bike there. To which I replied “YES”.

Ironically, Shakespeare had bought us the bike too. So it felt really right riding on the bike he gifted to eat the food he’d gifted also.

Taelor and I went to get changed, and when he reemerged he was very sporty but glamorous in his sparkly chucks.

I love these shoes! They really remind me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, except these are neither ruby nor slippers nor “have the heart laces”, as Taelor pointed out.

Since we were well braced with knee pads and helmets, we made our way down and headed for the bike.

Soon as I got Taelor on then myself, we headed on down, riding towards the smell of the ocean by Moose Beach.

It took a while getting there on the bicycle, but it was a really fun and scenic route.

We arrived and headed on the docks to the end and got off the bike. Taelor told me that being at the end of the dock reminded him of a poem he’d read. Sadly, I’ve forgotten both the name of the poem and the artist 😦 But it did sound like something I’d love to read.

The sun was beginning to set, but that just gave us a really beautiful view as we sat down on the sand and positioned our pizza in a way that kept sand from blowing unto it.

There was a big sand castle and a lovely umbrella we settled beside, and told each other riddles. Taelor shared one of his favorite riddles that really got me cracking up. It goes:

Why can’t a bike stand on its own?

Because it is two tired!


Two tired!! (too tired) Get it?

Anyway, it’s funny to me and that’s all that matters! 🙂

After eating, we headed on home where he changed into one of my favorite nighties as a child. Fortunately, my mother had kept it, taken care of it and it was in my box of things when I moved out of her house. I never thought I’d get to let anyone have it. Makes me glad that Taelor gets to wear it. It really suits him. Much better than it ever did me.

We said our night prayers then I told Taelor the story of the Tortoise and how he overcame the Hippopotamus and the Elephant. In Nigerian folktales, the tortoise is known for being very smart and cunning. So far I’ve told Taelor stories about how he got his crack shelled back and now how come there are two types of tortoises – land and water. Who knows what else we will learn about the Tortoise as we go along, but I sure am enjoying telling him the stories my mother told me as a child.

He slept with a smile on his face, and because of that, now, as I go to sleep, there is a smile on mine!

Sweet dreams. ❤

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