Taelor and Pinky sittin’ inna tree

Today, Taelor got himself a Pinky!

“What’s a Pinky?” I hear you ask. Well, for months, I’ve been working on a small little love-driven project. It’s to make Ragdoll companions for little girls and boys that absolutely love dollies and/or collectibles.

It’s been a secret! However, I did have a lot of inspiration from Taelor! He got to name them all too. 🙂 He’s been epic the whole time our house has been clustered with doll parts and torn up fabric!

Finally, the dolls are done and almost ready to be set up.

But Taelor got to pick the one he’d like. I could have sworn he would pick up Sunny, as yellow is his favorite color. But it was clear he saw something special in Pinky that spoke to him specifically. Without knowing her story, he picked her and never let her go.

He loves all the dolls, but I have a feeling that Pinky will be his number 1 favorite.

The great thing about ~Belle’s Babydolls~ is that you don’t have to worry about picking one over the other. They are each so different and each have different personalities and stories. You can find that you love one, two or maybe even all of them for each of their own special traits and stories.

You could make them all best friends or not. You can carry them, or put them out in your room or secret hide away. But there is much more to each of them, as they’ve been made with love right down to the packaging.

They are interactive and want to be taken care of as much as they want to your friend and stick around you through thick and thin, after all…that’s what friends are for right?

Taelor’s certainly got the idea.

Here I am, getting Taelor​ ready in his windbreaker to go out and play. And look, he’s got his favorite ~Belle’s Babydolls​~ Pinky, with him! No going anywhere without her, and that’s exactly as it should be.

Here is Taelor​ playing out back in a tree, showing his favorite ~Belle’s Babydolls​~ Pinky the ropes and eagerly showing her to me in his excitement. I guess she’s learning how to be an adventurer too, just like him.

Here I am taking an evening stroll down the canal in Falconmoon, Bay City, with Taelor​ and his ~Belle’s Babydolls​~ Pinky. Looks like she’ll be going everywhere with us from now on.

Here we are at bed time. Taelor and Pinky are both in their PJs and ready for bed.

Soon the doors of ~Belle’s Babydolls​~ will be opened in two locations: Bay City and in NGI. In the meantime, you can join our inworld group and like us on Facebook to keep aware of each update.

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