Mountain Retreat – Day 2

Taelor and I are in a ballet recital that’s coming up pretty soon, and today was the dress rehearsal. Despite us being on holiday away in the mountains, we got a flight out and made it to rehearsals.

((I haven’t and won’t show any pictures of the costumes or us at the venue of the recital, so as not to ruin the surprise :P))

Recital Details – For your information
Friday, October 30th at 6:30pm SLT
Saturday, October 31st at 3:00pm SLT
Landmark to come!

You’re invited! 🙂

But first, we had lunch. I was busy trying on my monster costume, so Taelor helped me reheat the soup and plate the salad and put both our plates on the table. He’s such a big boy sometimes. Really proud of him.

Once we were done, I put his coat on and off we went in our costumes to dress rehearsals.

An hour later, rehearsal was over. We changed back into our coats and warm clothing then headed back to the mountains, getting off at the bus stop just down the road from ‘home’!

Today was so much fun, just Tae and I. We got on a sled and Taelor got to navigate it. Let me just say, it’s probably not a good idea to let someone who takes driving lessons from Mario Karts drive! We were all over the place and I was shocked we didn’t crash.

My son seems very much to be a speed lover. No wonder he is all about nitro boosters. I don’t think I’ve ever zipped about so fast in my life. I must admit, he did drive pretty well despite the speed. His little legs do a great job pushing, but soon he ran out of breath!

Not far from the condo we’re lodged at is a huge lake that’s frozen over. Taelor and I decided to take to it. Our boots have ice skating blades you can fold out from the base, so we popped it out and began skating all over the ice after I checked it was safe.

We skated till we saw a cute little display of snowmen in a band. Taelor scurried up there with them and sang a song to me. He was super cute! It was a song about the snow mommy being the best mommy. It was so random, but he was so cute. I loved it. Spur of the moment things like these always make me smile.

I was next, and so I got up there and pretended to be a rapper and did a really cool rhyme about Taelor and my guarantee for tickles. He beatboxed the entire time while I rapped. It was hilarious!

Once I was done, I jumped down off the platform to rejoin him as we skated the rest of the river, stopping at the end to walk onto the snow and up the hill. It was a short hike before we found the base of the mountain and a mountain lift. We quickly got on and up we went.

Neither of us has ever been to a mountain this big before. As we rose higher, it felt really a lot colder, but the view was fantastic. Taelor, on the other hand, wasn’t doing too good. He held the rail of the seat with both hands and shut his eyes. I held him tight, but that didn’t seem to help. He’s not really a fan of heights.

We took a snow tube back down the mountain as soon as we got up there.

I plan on skiing with him soon before the end of our trip, but in this moment it wasn’t a good idea.

Once back down, we walked a bit and rented a car. We drove through the town until we found a China town. It was incredible. Very busy and packed with bright red colors and activities.

We explored for a while before heading back to the lodge. The sun would be going down very soon as bed time was near.

We got home while it was still nice and bright, but that changed quickly.

After he changed into his PJs, we sat together in bed and prayed before curling up and falling asleep together.

What a fun day. 🙂

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