Messy Bird

We don’t have a cat in the house, mainly for the safety of Taelor’s pet birds and fish. However, if we were to have a cat, I suppose the idea of having some random droppings here and there as a symbol of love would be something I was use to seeing. Alas, we don’t, and with a very neat son it is really never my expectation to walk into my house and see a mess.

You can imagine what I thought when I walked into my kitchen the day we arrived home from our wintery retreat an saw this…!

At first I thought I’d been burgled by a slightly confused robber. But soon, I realized that wasn’t the case at all, and after a few questions here and there, the neighbors reported a bird having rummaged about in the kitchen in what appeared to be a donut induced frenzy.

Suffice it to say, a few mugs and plates were laid to rest in peace during the raucous. On top of that was the sugary mess everywhere.

Surprisingly, I was far from angry. In fact, I blushed. I know it seems silly, but I really felt happy that he’d rummaged my kitchen for his sugary needs. Despite the loss of very good china, I still counted us lucky and loved…VERY loved by this darling bird friend of ours, Korageth.

I was too tired to clean it up after we got back in town. In fact, I had no time. I was too busy getting Taelor’s party ready, so I just couldn’t do it.

A day before the party, I notice that the kitchen is spotless. SPOT…LESS! And shortly after, I received an envelop with several pictures!

It was Korageth, and he was helping me clean up his mess. However, he went over and beyond with mopping and even washing the dishes for me. So glad he got a rest afterwards.

I simply adore him, and since we don’t have a cat to leave us dead rats and things, perhaps he will be our make believe cat. Hopefully, minus the dead woodland creatures.

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